During the Live Frontier Elite: Dangerous on Tuesday, February 14th at 8pm GMT, we learned some interesting new details about the upcoming update: 2.3 Commanders.

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  • The tool used to create commanders is called « Holo-Me »;
  • The latter can be used at any time, in our cockpit, whether we are in normal flight or in supercruise. Accessible via the right panel, above Engineers;
  • Numerous customization options are available, from simple to advanced. Whether it is for:
    • Body – Gender, Outfit, Helmet (and when to display it), right and left shoulder patches.
    • Complex – Base of the face, type of head, skin color, age, skin details, asymmetry, scars.
    • Hair – 24 shades of color at the moment, from black to red, blond, chestnut, pink, blue or even green, yellow or white.
    • Face – Simple and advanced options, you can re-arrange eyes, nose, mouth and ears according to many models and alternatives. One can even create a character with heterochromia (eyes of different colors) or a cybernetic eye.
    • Head – Head & brows, cheeks, jaw and neck can be very detailed.
    • Cosmetics – Forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin, neck.
  • The external camera tool is called « Camera Suite »;
  • It is possible with this tool to navigate freely with our ship in all directions, and even to shoot! A 3km dezoom has been previewed, as well as a zoom at 4 meters from the ship. The interface can be hidden;
  • It is possible to follow our ship with the camera (for example to pass at full speed) or to follow the landscape;
  • A blur and focus function is provided in order to capture some arranged screenshots;
  • The interior camera tool is called « Vanity Camera »;
  • Like the outside, we can view our pilot in all the contours and also hide the interface;
  • The Dolphin is confirmed! This Saud Kruger luxury passenger ship will be present in 2.3: small landing pad, fantastic sounds;
  • It will apparently be possible to rename our ships, but no additional details for the moment;
  • A Mega-Ship, a gigantic vessel was unveiled. It has various services and we can dock on it. It is said that one can later dock there in order to travel, but no additional information at the moment. Some services could be Projects Constructions, Haulers, Emergency Deployment, …

Next Live is on Thursday 16 February, 8pm GMT for a Multicrew and new 2.3 features show-off!


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