The special Elite: Dangerous event ended tonight with a revelation: The Thargoids are back!

Professor Palin has experienced many misadventures during his very long researches on the alien artefacts and ships. The engineer, who had been « protected » by the Federation on his scientific base in the Maia system, had recently been able to communicate with the galactic community, leaving a disturbing message: the Federation imposed a blockade on him, he was unable to speak freely and possessed Urgent information about Unknown Vessels; He asked us to recover as much data as possible from these ships & their wakes, and then to bring them to the system Pleiades Sector OI-T C3-7, planet 3, Orcus Crag.

The data recovery is successful, however the pilot Lewis (named after the E:D Community Manager) is intercepted by the Federation while he was assisting Ishmael Palin. The sentence is very severe: his data are confiscated and then sent to a fleet for further analysis… however the latter is hyperdicted (Interdiction in hyperspace) and the message left by the Federal Fleet is very shocking. They are attacked from all sides, many ships disabled, the captain is dead, beacon launched, everybody tries to flee… the fleet is completely destroyed. If Lewis agrees to investigate in the HIP 17044 system, his punishment will be removed. So he went on-site in order to discover the source of the disaster. The distress beacon is here, in the middle of the wrecks and diffuses a simple, short, looped message: THARGOIDS… RETURN…

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Recap of the latest information:

  • If you want to visit the Federal Distress Beacon and discover the wrecks of the fleet: System HIP 17044, go the the 2nd planet, point at the system Asterope, then go straight for 10.000 ls.
  • The Update 2.3.10 will be deployed on Tuesday the 27th of June, in order to bring some fixes and enhancements to the game;
  • Elite: Dangerous will also be released on PlayStation 4 this 27 of June;
  • The Update 2.4 is named « The Return » and will see the light during the third Quarter of 2017 (July/September);
  • More Thargoids are going to happen. These will be more frequent as we approach 2.4. For the moment, every single destroyed ships are from the Federation, the powers didn’t react yet to this assault;
  • The 2.4 content will not be available on D-Day when the update releases. The features, new mechanics and Lore will be launched in-game as the stories unfold.
  • After that, the Season 2 will be over and we will move on to the next content that will be centered on complete improvements and overhauling of the features & mechanics already available in-game, in addition to new features and content;