On Tuesday, 6th of December, the developers Adam Bourke-Waite (Senior Designer) and Dominic Corner (Software Developer) have been invited by Edward Lewis (Senior Community Content Manager) in order to answer the community’s questions regarding Missions on Elite: Dangerous

Here are the information I’ve gathered for you during this Q/A session.


  • The devs like the idea of sharing missions with your squad, however that is not something they will develop soon-ish. There are a lot of questions around this, especially regarding the shared rewards.
  • Any missions given by the Engineers? Not really. They would need to be minor factions by themselves to spawn missions. Some Engineers are part of a faction (Ex: Marco Qwent with Sirius Corp) but it would be difficult to implement. Maybe in the future.
  • Adam, designer, is actually re-balancing the missions rewards for the upcoming 2.2.03 update.
  • Dominic is working on balancing the number of missions spawning for the standard missions and the passengers contracts, so they could spawn the same number of missions, more or less.
  • Even if the developers are interested into missions generated by the community, it would be something exceedingly tough to implement. Better not counting on it for now.
  • Any missions for Elite only pilots? It is not a priority.
  • For the multiple stops passengers contracts, would it be possible to be paid on each stations rather than only at the end? Sometimes I fail at the very end and don’t get any reward! No, that’s how the passengers contracts have been designed and also, how they differ to the standard cargo missions.
  • To obtain more of the missions generated in our inbox, we would need to remain 15 minutes without moving too much in the same place. Every 15 minutes, missions are generated according to the needs of the minor factions and the surrounding population. The devs would like to propose more of these missions in the future.
  • No new types of missions for now. It is a huge amount of work of approvals, design, and time. It would be even more difficult for the pilots to get the missions they want.
  • Chain Missions? They developed it for an update this year but it wasn’t good enough. These missions have been withdrawn from the game for now, until further development.
  • Military Career Missions? Interesting, it is something they seem to have work on. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us about it yet, so far.
  • Jaques Station will be able to spawn missions in Colonia, soon!
  • Missions displaying ++ is a bug without being too terrible. Sometimes these ++ missions are in fact + or +++. This will be fixed in an upcoming update, not ETA yet.


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