The Elite: Dangerous Community Team continues to share news regarding a rebalancing of the game, much like the Mining changes last week.

Combat is the next leg of our journey, as Frontier will make some changes to that gameplay. They also confirmed that they will be working on changes for AX Combat and Powerplay as well.
Frontier will carry out the below notes, thanks to the feedback they have collected from the community. These changes will then be implemented in-game and our feedback will be important so they can fine-tune these changes towards a better balance between Frontier’s vision and the community’s needs.

Bounties from NPCs will see significant increases from approximately four times as much for the highest paying ones to ten times as much for the lower paying ones. Please note that the number of credits shown immediately in your HUD when you destroy a criminal ship won’t display the newly increased amounts. This will need to wait until we’re certain of the final numbers. Accurate bounty figures can be found in the Transactions tab in your left panel.

Solo Combat Missions
We’re also increasing the payouts for Massacre and Assassination missions. Several economic factors affect the pay offered, but we expect these to grant around twice as many credits as before. For now, we’ve opted not to change Wing Massacre Missions following reports of consistently high payouts from these but we remain open to feedback.
For both Bounties and Solo Combat Missions, the changes will be carefully examined throughout the following days and weeks to review their effects and allows time for feedback.

Next, they would like to carry out plans to improve the payout from other elements of Combat, including Combat Bonds and Anti-Xeno Combat.
More information on these can be expected soon in a post similar to this one. The changes are likely to happen before the end of this year and are likely to be the final ones before 2021 where they’ll continue by moving onto other areas of gameplay.

It sounds like a very interesting change for every fighters out there! What do you think?

Community Manager Bruce Garrido also indicated that they are currently considering a buff to players’s bounties, probably increasing the current limit of 2M Cr to something higher.


Source, forums officiels