As we regularly do with Elite: Dangerous, we’re learning more details about Odyssey not directly from Frontier Developments, but from other sources such as here with PCGamer and the November magazine. Let’s detail the information & images collected!.

You will find the scans of the pages at the bottom of the article. Discover everything we know about Odyssey!

Differences of armours & combinations

The tactical suit is mainly our combat suit. It adds an extra weapon slot and its armor & shields are better than the other combinations. However, the latter does not have access to all the tools. So we will be forced to get various suits if we want to extend our gameplay to various other activities.
We will also be able to customize our armour with different cosmetic items.

Weapon Drawing & Aiming Down Speeds

Between an Arma and Call of Duty feeling, the developers are not looking to give the on-foot combat an Arcade feeling, but something more realistic. Weapons might have different weights. They will have different drawing & downsight aiming speeds. We’ll be able to feel a difference between each of the weapons in the game, which should be of different types, such as the ones we know with our ship, between kinetic and thermal, etc…
We don’t expect an overly dynamic gameplay with very fast movements and shots, but it won’t be soft & slow either. Frontier wants the gameplay to be thoughtful, strategic to give the best sensations of realism / science fiction. If we’re in a short range combat where we want to be able to quickly draw & shoot, then a pistol is more appropriate… or you may need a long range weapon as needed, for something far from you.

The Shields

Suit shields use energy, so players will need to think about when to deploy them. Some weapons such as lasers are effective against shields, while kinetic weapons are effective against armour and damage to the character underneath.

Confirmation of instances shared between foot/vehicle/ships

There is no real separation between fighting on board a ship and fighting on foot. If you have trouble settling an on-foot combat, a friend can help you and support you with a ship in the air. You will be able to shoot the characters on foot with your ship, and they will also be able to shoot back.

Help to move

If you are part of a wing, you will be able to board an ally’s ship if they allow you to do so, in order to go to another place in the galaxy.

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Thank you to Dinbar for these information