An alien ship has been encountered in-game! After many months, years, doing science around the Unknown Artefacts, the Unknown probes, the Barnacles, the Alien crashed ships, … we now discovered a real alien ship in space.

The sound design is still astounding, as the galaxy now looks even spookier than ever. Will you unsheathe your guns? Will you try a diplomatic approach? I choose peace at the moment, they didn’t attack our ship, even if an interdiction is not pleasant.


Here are our information about the latter:

  • Many pilots have been interdicted while in Hyperspace. The alien ships look like the ones we recently discovered crashed on different planets;
  • The interdiction pulled the pilots between two systems as they were jumping from one system to another;
  • Known locations:
    • Aries Dark Region EW-M B7-1
    • Aries Dark Region XU-O B6-3
    • Pleiades Sector BRM-M B7-0
    • COL 285 Sector QR-U B3-3
    • Hyades Sector VD-B B4
    • HIP 11154
  • These aliens ships have one unique pulse laser, four drivers and the usual modules: Shields, Power Distributor, FSD and Life Support. It means there are pilots in the ship;
  • The aliens ships are probably peaceful, so far. They look like scouts, scanning us to find something;
  • Process: Interdiction, disable our ship, fly by, scan, yellow/green intense light, the scout takes some distance and then jump leaving a wake;
  • This wake can be scanned, it returns an Unknown Wake;
  • A pilot attacked the alien: her weapons were useless against the scout and couldn’t penetrate the shield. Better weapons weren’t successful as well;
  • Scanning the ship provide us with Unknown Ship Data;
  • The sounds emitted by the ship have been analyzed, they don’t return any message;
  • The aliens ships are then jumping in the direction of the Pleiades;
  • Their ships could contain one or two pilots.