Check out the first news about Elite: Dangerous Beyond Chapter 3, shared during the Frontier Meet in Cologne at the gamescom event.

  • Missiles and torpedoes C3, Multicannon Turret C3
  • New weapons sizes at Tech Brokers including Plasma, Gauss and Shock Cannon C1
  • New planetary missions for Wings
  • New stories on the surface.
  • Engineers on Colonia.
  • New Ship: Crusader resembling the Chieftain/Challenger but with an ship launched fighter bay. It seems that the Crusader is a great mix of Chieftain and Challenger as he got back its Class 3 « Hardpoint 7 », potentially bringing the hardpoints set to: 2 C3, 3 C2, 2 C1
  • Guardian fighters, and ships and places to discover/interact with in space, Guardians beacons! To acquire a Hybrid fighter blueprint you will need to investigate new Guardian beacons which will point you in the direction of the sites to investigate.
  • New Guardians technologies including fighters we can play with. These ships are light, fast and agile with strong shields to let them dart into the fray. The trade-off, as with other smaller fighters, is that they have weaker hulls.
    • Trident (Plasma Autocannon),
    • Lance (Gauss Focus Cannon),
    • Javelin (Shard launcher)

Some pictures captured via a phone. Nothing official yet, we are eager to get our hands on official statements, details and pictures from Frontier.



Thank you Pleijpje and SparrowBlack for the amazing photos and video!