I have collected some new details about Elite Dangerous Odyssey, thanks to a recent interview given to Chris Gregory, Art Director, and Luke Betterton, Game Designer.

Courtesy of wccftech.com.


A few interesting details:

  • New players will be able to start their in-game adventure on foot with their commander
  • Possibility of taking missions face to face with NPCs and no longer only through the mission board
  • Unconfirmed implication of EVA – « You can form float with other commanders »?
  • Upcoming Developer Diary on FPS Combat
  • Combat with pilots + SRV + ships altogether confirmed again
  • Many new employees with great FPS background have been recruited
  • No Cross Platforms so far
  • Various styles of combat possible on foot, both silent and strategic or even nag by shooting everywhere
  • Many types of planetary bases with NPCs performing actions
  • No dedicated servers at the moment for multiplayer, but the question was approved during the interview, let’s have faith! ^ – ^
  • No severe weather effects at Odyssey launch, but it would be very interesting to have it in-game

That’s it for the quick news, enjoy the week-end and see you soon on Discord and Twitter!

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