Salomé’s event took place last night, after many years of research and awesome discoveries. Four VIPs were to be protected in order to reveal to the world hidden truths, for hundreds of years.

Salomé, Raan Corsen, Tsu Annabelle Singh and Yuri Nakamura were heavily protected by their close guards. Indeed, if many pilots wanted these VIPs dead or alive, many others had sworn fidelity in order to protect these eminent persons with their life: they have great secret and troubling knowledge of actual events. Starting from 46 Eridani, they jumped from system to system to reach a destination unveiled along the way: Tionisla. It is here that the famous ships graveyard contains a ship belonging to « R. »: This is Rebecca, the woman who unveiled Zurara’s Mystery. By activating a code here, Listening Posts will activate in a nearby system, Teorge, and unveil their information to humanity.

Yuri outfitted his ship for speed and flew really quickly in normal space with his escort. 600 m/s was enough to distance the heavy combat ships that had been sent to stop him. He was sometimes interdicted, but his superior escape tactics enabled him to arrive alive at his destination. Tsu and Raan flew in formation with high jump range and arrived first on Tionisla where they hurried to activate the Listening Posts.

These lesser-known VIPs had little issues, but we can’t say Princess Kahina « Salomé »‘s travel went well: she fought ferociously with her guards for her survival. After some quick jumps out of 46 Eridani, she experienced her first setbacks with a fighting group and came out of under fire with 96% hull. The fight was long, about fifteen minutes when the community held its breath for fear that she had already passed into the shadows. When suddenly: She is alive! She then made many jumps to arrive « at the gates » of the civilized borders, but unfortunately many fighters awaited her on the spot. A second interdiction saw the loss of one of her guards while she escaped with less than half of her hull. Her ship was on fire and communications & mechanical connections struggled to keep the ship in working order. She was 50 light years away from the destination when her ship disappeared from the radar. As a priority target, bounty hunters were increasingly busy around her, but the last protectors were holding on. A particularly well-prepared ship attacked Salomé’s internal modules directly and killed her: « CMD Salomé, on behalf of the Smiling Dog Crew, stop your ship immediately, you are under arrest, the Senate will decide your fate. ». Preferring a fate other than that rotting in prison, Salomé preferred to flee and unfortunately the fighters submerged her, leading to her loss.

She will ultimately have achieved her ultimate goal of revealing to all the dark business that is taking place within human civilization. Salomé gave her life as a lure to allow the other VIPs to accomplish their mission. Seven Listening Posts were activated then, displaying these messages:

Rebecca's messages - Premonitions


Is it time to flee? To unite and fight? To understand and focus on diplomacy? What is your position to these revelations? Undoubtedly, additional communications will be unveiled shortly and the superpowers will react to the riots.

And in the end… what if Salomé survived and got recovered alive in an escape pod…? Theories remain.