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Frontier News

Known Issues and upcoming fixes

I’ll make it short: No one likes bugs in-game.
The Quality Assurance teams are slowly tackling the problems at stake, two hotfixes have been implemented this week. What, haven’t you heard about it yet? This is ‘normal’, no information have filtered from the Elite: Dangerous Community Team. Despite the number of requests for communications, the players are/feel ignored. Even the Volunteer Moderators are wrecked asking every couple of days/week information about the ongoing many issues, while being ignored.

It’s been a month now since the Chapter 4 came out. This update could have been the biggest to date, consolidating and improving on many gameplay and features. The players came back, the population made a big leap and then stood waiting for fixes, hopeless.

Here we are, mid-January, the communications team has still not communicated about the game or even the current problems at stake & their statuses. With a hundred pages of bug reports across all platforms, we now have around three hundred bug reports.
According to the statistics of views & answers from the « Frontier team », one sixth of the threads are getting attention, ie ~50 threads out of 300.

I also analysed the Players Suggestions forums, there’s around ~23% of these threads being read by Frontier. This is a better percentage than what I had noted in mid 2018… but it’s still way too low in my opinion.

The community in general has a very bitter feeling about this Chapter 4, feeling abandoned.
There is a consequent lack of communication between the company and the community. Regarding the bug reports forums, Frontier are working on a new system for the players to raise issues.

To help with the communication, a single Known Issues thread with the statuses of the current problems would vastly improve the sentiment. It’s that simple.
Problems happen. Not communicating about them is another matter.
We all hope for a patch next week…


▲ Known Issues & Statuses

  • Combat
    • Conflict zones are empty or running away from players // A hotfix has been implemented this week and this issue should have been resolved.
    • Players’ Mass Lock don’t work, other players or NPCs can activate their FSDs quickly // Frontier are reproducing the problem, they are investigating that matter to propose a fix asap.
    • It’s impossible to target the target of our wingmate (target’s target), the bind doesn’t work // Seen several times, no information about it, sorry. Please keep on reporting this in the Bug Reports.
  • Technical
    • Regardless of the platforms, the game freezes temporarily // Updating the drivers won’t help. Frontier are investigating that matter and should have a fix asap. To me, it looks like it’s now fixed but they haven’t communicated about it.
    • Can’t login. I was docked on the Rescue ships, system Bhagutsuk // Known issue. Please contact the Support while they fix the problem.
  • Background Simulation

    • All States are frozen, not disappearing, or not going active // A hotfix has been implemented this week. You should have noticed that some states have disappeared from the systems and many others have been triggered to reflect the players’ interactions in the systems.
    • Influences are going up and down, not increasing and sometimes even decreasing while we worked on it // Complex problem that Frontier is currently investigating and testing extensively with different teams.
  • Missions
    • The Passengers cabins are empty while the mission should have added or removed them // Ongoing investigation, do not destroy your ship and report the issue to Frontier. They are looking for players with these issues in order to check their account to consolidate their reports and propose a fix asap.
  • Exploration
    • The Codex isn’t logging my discoveries, or wrongly copying information // A first hotfix didn’t work in December, Frontier are investigating on that matter again.
  • Squadrons
    • The number of players online is incorrect // I don’t have any information regarding that problem, if you do have any, please use the Bug Reports forums.
    • The Squadrons and Officers chat windows are disappearing from time to time // Same thing here, I have no information regarding that problem, but I do experience it myself.
  • Mining
    • Mining in a Wing makes the UI acting weirdly. We can’t mine effectively in a wing // Issue experienced as well, no news from Frontier regarding that problem.

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Distant Worlds 2

65,000 light years, 7,000 commanders, the largest fleet ever assembled for an event!
A monument of the Elite expeditions: Distant Worlds makes a comeback and sees things BIG.

The expedition will take off this Sunday, January 13, around 7:30pm UTC game time, from the Pallaeni system near the tourism beacon.
Many activities teams are prepared for Exploration, Discoveries, Industry, Mining, Science, Logistics, Cartography, Roleplay and more. This is a unique experience, and a ship of at least 33,4 LY is recommended. Don’t hesitate to prepare some synthesis and a solid exploration ship.
Frontier Developments is officially supporting the event and will build a station near the center of the galaxy, close to Sagittarius A *, through custom-made community events.

Different teams are ready like the refuelers and repairers, defensive escorts, photographers, scientists, explorers and all the other game’s facets offering all the strength of the Elite: Dangerous community in a single expedition.

It’s not too late to apply, this weekend!
Read the official Thread to learn everything about the Distant Worlds II expedition, and join the dedicated communications medias.
I take the opportunity to point out that Anthor has finished the EDSM Codex, to list all the discoveries from the community!

Fly safe, pilots!

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Developers and Community

A dedicated space about Devs’ messages from the forums and social Medias.

~ elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 Recent communications elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 ~

  • [Thargoids] The Thargoid model detailed in Yamiks’ video is actually an old model from 2014, which the community had previously discovered, and is not indicative of our plans for Elite Dangerous.SourceWill Flanagan, Community Manager
  • We previously discussed other communications from the Quality Assurance and Support teams, in the chapter Known Issues and Fixes. The community team is extremely quiet and does not seem to understand the community’s concerns since the release of 2.4. There are pages and pages and pages of bug reports and suggestions of which ~ 25% are read by the team QA and BrettC of the Community team. I do not know how to express my anger about the behaviour we are actually experiencing … the lack of communications is driving the sentiment low, the bugs are everywhere whatever we’re doing, all the players are affected, even the official Frontier moderators of which I am a part in are talking to a wall. So many things have been put together to support Frontier, but we are facing a wall and we feel totally ignored. I do not know what to say, let’s keep waiting… Many groups will be present next week, mid-week, to make Frontier understand that the lack of communications is not okay and that they have to do something about it.

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Powerplay and Lore

Powerplay continues to operate in game and the powers compete on a variety of military, economic and political fronts to gain new territory and expand their influence on the human world.

  1. Arissa Lavigny-Duval
  2. felicia-winters Felicia Winters
  3. edmund-mahon Edmund Mahon
  4. yuri-grom Yuri Grom
  5. zachary-hudson Zachary Hudsom
  6. li-yong-rui Li Yong-Rui
  7. aisling-duval Aisling Duval
  8. archon-delaine Archon Delaine
  9. pranav-antal Pranav Antal
  10. denton-patreus Denton Patreus
  11. zemina-torval Zemina Torval




Cycle 188. We begin cycle 189.

29 December 3304 – The leaders of the Alliance and the Federation have commented on the rise of the isolationist group Nova Imperium. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon told the Alliance Assembly:

“The civil unrest in the Empire is an internal matter, but it would be a major concern if it resulted in a policy change regarding inter-superpower cooperation. We are therefore watching the situation closely.”

In Congress, President Zachary Hudson said:

“If Nova Imperium comes to power and the Empire ceases contributions to Aegis, our combined defences against the Thargoid threat will be jeopardised. In such a case, the Federation would be forced to intervene in order to safeguard humanity’s future.”

Independent sources have confirmed that Federal Navy resupplies have increased in frequency. Fleet manoeuvres have also taken place in regions bordering Imperial territory.


3 January 3305 – Professor Katrien Rook has responded to Pranav Antal’s claim that her company’s nanomedicines are of Utopian origin:

“I confess that Vitadyne Labs did not invent the nanomeds, but neither did we steal them. We were approached by independent pilots who discovered a crashed Utopian transport ship. The recovered cargo canisters were clearly medical in nature, so the foragers sold them to us as legitimate salvage. I would be happy to return the original cargo to Utopia with our apologies. The new nanomeds that we have created are our property, however, and I insist that we be allowed to continue their manufacture.”

Pranav Antal swiftly issued a reply:

“Any derivative nanomedicines must also be returned to us, and production must cease. Our technology cannot be used outside Utopia.”

The Interstellar Health Organisation has said that it will review the case and make a decision.


4 January 3305 – Preparations are underway for the second Distant Worlds expedition, which will see a community of explorers cross the galaxy. Science correspondent Leon Banerjee provided an overview for the Vox Galactica media outlet:

“The first Distant Worlds mission, in 3302, was the largest fleet expedition in history, and saw over a thousand ships travel to Beagle Point and back. Distant Worlds II has even loftier ambitions, involving an impressive voyage through the heart of the galaxy, mapping unexplored regions and making new scientific discoveries. It will also involve the construction of a starport dedicated to the study of Sagittarius A*. Project leaders Erimus Kamzel and Dr Kaii report that nearly four thousand courageous Commanders will take part, despite the risks involved, in a journey of over 200,000 light years.”

Distant Worlds II is scheduled to launch in January 3305, with the complete round trip lasting approximately three hundred days.


5 January 3305 – The isolationist group Nova Imperium is reported to be assembling its forces in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus made this statement:

“We have evidence that this seditious organisation is amassing an armada in its home system. It consists of ships crewed by Imperator Mordanticus’s ex-Navy followers, as well as the private vessels of many misguided citizens. As Admiral of the Fleet, I order Nova Imperium to disperse its forces immediately or face the consequences.”

The Imperial Herald’s Cassia Carvalho commented:

“Widespread support for Hadrian Duval has led to Nova Imperium amassing its fleet in a very short time. The challenge for the Imperial Navy is to quash this threat without it being seen as a massacre of Imperial citizens, which can only fuel further rebellion.”


210 January 3305 – Supply campaigns for the Federal and Imperial navies have concluded successfully, with traders delivering large amounts of military provisions. The League of Zearla, acting on behalf of the Federal Navy, stated:

“Many thanks to all the pilots who came through for the Federation. You can now collect your rewards at Payson Hub in the Zearla system.”

An announcement was also made by the Sirsir Co, which coordinated a similar supply campaign for the Imperial Navy:

“You have performed a great service for the Empire. Payments have been authorised at Mitchell Hangar in the Sirsir system.”

Marquis Felix Novantico, a retired military strategist, commented:

“Tensions caused by Nova Imperium have triggered much activity of this kind. But for the Federation to do the same suggests concern about a potentially hostile Empire, should Hadrian Duval claim the throne.”

Galnet.fr proposes the latest news from the galaxy!

  • Galnet.fr/en – Galnet News
  • GalnetAudioFR – Dubbed Galnet, in French. Let me know if you would like to do this in English! Here are the examples in French.

The Powers on Reddit

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


Edmund Mahon


Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal

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Community Goals

Community Goals allow the community to work together on an ongoing project. Fight, trade, smuggle, explore and help the factions and super powers to achieve their goals.
There is no good or bad sides, write your stories in Elite: Dangerous while earning credits!

◘ Fight for Yupini Limited – Empire (Combat)

  • Location: Dyson City | Paresa
  • Objective: Hand in Combat Bonds after fighting in Conflict Zones for Yupini Limited
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress: 3/8
  • Until: 17 January

◘ Fight for Nova Imperium – New Empire (Combat)

  • Location: Dyson City | Paresa
  • Objective: Hand in Combat Bonds after fighting in Conflict Zones for Nova Imperium
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress : 1/8
  • Until: 17 January

Story: The Empire has entered a state of conflict with the isolationist group Nova Imperium in the Paresa system. Senator Denton Patreus announced:

“The loyal Imperials of Yupini Limited have engaged the isolationists’ illegal armada. We call upon Imperial auxiliaries to support our allies and destroy the Nova Imperium fleet.”

Imperator Mordanticus, leader of Nova Imperium, has requested the support of the galactic community:

“Nova Imperium’s survival depends upon winning this battle. I urge all those who believe that Hadrian Duval should be the Emperor to support us.”

The two factions have set out week-long campaigns to overcome their foes, which will begin on the 10th of January 3305.

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Pics of the Week

Feel free to send me your prettiest images and videos via Twitter, Discord or directly in the comments!
This week, check out Angr, SmallSqueakyToy, Elliot P, Zulu Romeo, Phoenix, LATH, CaptRedBeard, Scrubbery, MucahitA, Lyrael, Guru951, FeySky, Alex Storch, Rheeney, RockyTop‘s excellent screenshots.

Let’s start with a guide from Angr. I hope it will help you getting Efficient Probes during your Cartography sessions!

Pay a visit the the Oor, Nyuena Ro-Z D184 and the Jongoae nebulae to find these fantastic phenomena captured by Elliot P, Zulu Romeo and LATH (video, the « thing » reacts to light).
And because Remlok Industries is about guides, check this GSheet out! Many phenomena are listed on here.

These mysterious Void Hearts have been captured by MucahitA, they are gigantic!


Lyrael, Guru951 and Alex Storch have overdone themselves with these fantastic images!


Six marvelous screenshots from FeySky, Rheeney, RockyTop, Phoenix, CaptRedbeard and the great mountain dew from Scrubbery.


SmallSqueakyToy also created an Asp Cushion for her boyfriend. Look at dat Asp!

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Videos of the Week

Mamba cinematic introduction, the Autumn Odyssey Expedition and some PvP from the Smiling Dog Crew.
Enjoy, commanders!

Thanks to the creators: NotOnlyHere, Eikoop, Yamato

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