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/!\ I’m creating a few articles, but it will take some time:

  • « The Future of Elite » updated,
  • A FAQ for Odyssey,
  • An update of the Elite Lore.

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Frontier News

Elite Dangerous Horizons, free on Epic: 19-26 November

Since October 27th, the base game Elite: Dangerous has merged with the first Season Pass Horizons, giving you access to thousands of hours of gameplay for only €25.
A Discount is actually up until November 25th, literally offering the game for only €6.25!

For all those who already owned Horizons, you should already have received your « Azure » paintjob for all the ships in-game. It is a blue-ish paintjob with different colours depending on the ambient brightness and hues around your ship.
Here are some pictures taken by the members of Remlok Industries.

If you are starting your career on Elite: Dangerous… Welcome Commander o7

► We recommend that you follow the « New Players » tab in the menu, with the Beginner’s Guide, then the Advanced Guide.
A world of dreams and adventures with THARGOIDS awaits. Let’s go!

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Game Balancing – Credits

As promised by the Elite: Dangerous Community Team earlier this week, several rebalancing of the game will take place over the next few weeks.
If you followed our information on Discord Community Remlok, Twitter RemlokEN or maybe my Twitter, you might have noticed that Frontier Developments seems very committed to balancing the game’s careers to provide a smoother experience before the release of the next expansion, « Odyssey« .

► You can read the full details in our recent article: Elite: Dangerous Game Balancing.

First, Mining will be enhanced, then Combat for the second week of December. Other ways to earn Credits will also be reviewed later.
These changes will be implemented in-game and refined thanks to the community’s feedback.

To recognise and reward the extra effort and skill needed for core mining, the majority of minerals extracted this way will see an increase in price, barring Void Opals mentioned above. Several mining commodities which can be bought will have the range of their prices increased, resulting in a higher number of goods with strong profit margins (25,000+) when commodity markets are in suitable states.

Fanart – Miguel Iglesias

Community Manager Bruce Garrido then continued the discussion with the community.
A few points are worth noting:

  • They are also listening to PvP players (possible diminishing returns), in relation to the amount of credits recoverable on the Wanted players; In order not to game the system and « give » credits easily between cooperating players. Interested in bounties created by the players, against other players, even if it could be dangerous.
  • The Combat AX payout will also be under consideration.
  • Credits earned in CQC are something Frontier would also like to study.
  • Bruce is pro Open-only Powerplay & BGS. This is a common discussion at Frontier as well.
  • Nothing on Smuggling at this time, as Frontier would first like to review the fines that the authority issues if you are caught in the act.


Since the return of Frontier’s communications with the community, as well as the new Galnet stories comeback, players seem to be returning to the game as well in order to take part in the activities.

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Odyssey & Recap

The Elite: Dangerous, Odyssey paid expansion will be released for « Q1 2021 », confirming a release early in the year, before March 2021.
If you have not followed our news, you can find all the information via our [Odyssey] tag on the website.

For the moment, nothing new under the sun except that the Odyssey Dev Diaries will not come back before mid-December. According to Arthur Tholmie, Lead Community Manager, they are behind schedule and the recent second lockdown has not helped with the production of the video.
Let’s be patient, in the meantime we can always participate in the regular community goals & events.

Among the information I collected recently, I also noted that the weapon we have seen in a recent PCGamer magazine is in fact a Rocket Launcher, confirmed by Junior GameDev Diana Flindt. A heavy weapon, probably anti-vehicle or even against ships as well.

You can also read our Recap of the interview with PCGamer (Read the Magazine)


« Yeah, there’s also Obsidian Ant who said there will be new SRV, and he had a picture! »
So, yes, and no. But no. And yes. Take the image below, on the left is the current version of the SRV. On the right is a concept of a SRVbefore it evolved into the current version.
The cockpit has been lowered compared to the Artbook we had when the game released, a rubber texture has been added to the wheels and the SRV has a more bulky look to hold the cargo. A new asset has also been defined for the multi-cannon on top of the vehicle.

Yes, there will most likely be new SRVs and ships with the future of the game and Odyssey, but the image of the new banner is just an old SRV concept.


Nah, it’s nota leak then… Not like the…hm… Thargoid Titan (and its related sound effect) and its caustic mines, the Glaive, or even the strange tyres of this SRV and this mining pod. You haven’t read this.

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Great Expedition 3306

Registrations to the Great Expedition 3306 are now open!

The GE3306 is a long Exploration trip organised every year by the Remlok Community.
This year, we have planned to start from Pangluya for a course of 83.8k LY! As always, the GE will offer a Red Line story to follow and various activities throughout the Expedition to support our pilots!

Why join the Great Expedition 3306:

  • This fourth Great Expedition will offer activities & stories in an experienced group of veterans
  • Mini-games throughout the expedition to encourage activity and win prizes, some of which are unique and only available during events supported by Frontier Developments
  • Fantastic views both on the surface and in space
  • Rare Points of Interest to discover solo or in a group
  • Great memories with the Remlok community!

If you haven’t fully equipped your ship yet, our Pellegrino Station (Bragurom Du System) provides you with everything you need to get yourself prepared, suits, exploration tools & supplies. Morgan Station on Pangluya has all the gear for galactic tourists!

Join our Discord to chat with the other explorers.
Check out our exploration guide.

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Story: The Adamastor

You may have followed the story of the Ghost Ship on Elite: Dangerous recently, perhaps on my Twitch channel (in French), the Discord Remlok Community or via other content creators. It’s a really successful event for me focused onHalloween, after the return of the Galnet stories last month.

► Check out the whole Adamastor story!
Follow the guide and discover some scary & creepy stories!

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Lore & Powerplay

Powerplay, continues to operate in game and the powers compete on a variety of military, economic and political fronts to gain new territory and expand their influence on the human world.

  1. edmund-mahon Edmund Mahon +1
  2. zachary-hudson Zachary Hudson -1
  3. Arissa Lavigny-Duval =
  4. aisling-duval Aisling Duval =
  5. denton-patreus Denton Patreus +1
  6. li-yong-rui Li Yong-Rui +2
  7. pranav-antal Pranav Antal +2
  8. zemina-torval Zemina Torval +2
  9. yuri-grom Yuri Grom -4 // Période de Troubles
  10. felicia-winters Felicia Winters -3
  11. archon-delaine Archon Delaine =



Cycle 286. We begin cycle 287.

The Powers on Reddit

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


Edmund Mahon


Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal


Witch Head Nebula‘s systems are still fully affiliated with the Alliance.
California as well.
Coalsack is being colonized by the Alliance to study the new Thargoids Barnacles we recently found here. proposes the latest news from the galaxy!

  • – Galnet News
  • GalnetAudioFR – Dubbed Galnet, in French. Let me know if you would like to do this in English! Here are the examples in French.


Since early September and after the attacks of the ALNM terrorists — the Neo-Marlinists supporting a democratic establishment for the Empire — many events have taken place. Neo-Marlinism comes from Marlin, an administrator who left the Federation in 2310 in order to found a better Power, the Empire, under a democratic regime; but her brother Henson set up a coup against her (at least we suspect him) in order to kill her and her descendants, to proclaim himself 1st Emperor – Learn more about the Empire Lore.
The Neo-Marlinists of the Empire thus reject the Emperors and wish to re-establish a democratic Empire based on a regime supporting elected Senators.

Here is a short summary of the latest news, leaving aside the Adamastor and the Alliance settling in the Coalsack Nebula:

  • Members of the Duval family (the imperial family) have been targeted by the ALNM and Prince Harold Duval has been assassinated. Hadrian Duval was also nearly assassinated but he was able to get away with it. His group of rebels to the Empire, Nova Imperium, was accepted by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, so they went back to the Empire’s borders to help track down ALNM terrorists.
  • The Empire then relentlessly sought these terrorists, attacking their own citizens without hesitation, interrogating them and waging wars in Imperial systems.
  • As a result, the Imperial population fled these systems and Felicia Winters of the Federation opened her arms to these refugees, to protect them.
  • The Empire threatened the Federation, demanding cooperation in tracking down the terrorists, and fighting began on systems between the Empire’s interrogative forces and the systems’ federal defences where the refugees were hiding.
  • The Federation prevailed in defending them… but while the Federation investigated and found some terrorists, a Federation station was attacked and badly damaged by the ALNM; this was done by the ALNM to silence terrorists who might have spoken under interrogation; They eliminated them.
  • Felicia Winters is thus singled out as protecting imperial citizens instead of her own federal citizens.
  • The Empire therefore insists again by asking the Federation to hand over all refugees (imperial citizens) to the Empire in order to conduct its interrogations (in a quite inhumane manner).

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Images – At the heart of the action

Feel free to send me your prettiest images and videos via Twitter, Discord or directly in the comments!
This week, check out Fosdyke (ArtStation), Sinisphere and Havok Mustang !
As always, credits are in the images’s names.

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Videos – The Unmissables

Enjoy these videos from the community!


Yamiks and 23 other YouTubers


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