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I’m creating a few articles, but it will take some time:

  • [WIP] Update of our guides – End of January
  • [WIP] Highlight of a great ED tool of disabled players: EDTaupeEye – End of January
  • How to prepare for Odyssey – February

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Frontier News

Imperial Penal Colony: Serene Harbour

An alert has been published recently on Galnet, the news support in-game.
Feel free to check out my review on Twitch, in French. or watch Obsidian Ant’s video.

An encrypted message seems to provide planetary coordinates related to the mysterious signal from ‘Serene Harbour’.

The message received by the Pilots Federation was as follows:

Welcome to Serene Harbour. 56.4 latitude -8.3 longitude. Theta Seven.

Although this pinpoints a geographical area on a planetary surface, the astronomical location of this body remains a mystery. It is unclear whether ‘Theta Seven’ refers to additional map coordinates of some kind, or is a code-phrase intended for unknown recipients.

Little is known about the original distress call, other than its brief content:

This is an emergency broadcast on all frequencies from Serene Harbour. We are –

An independent vessel has detected a fragment of a mysterious message coming from an unexplored region of space.
Commander Elsa Solomon was travelling through the Swoilz XX-D c1-30 system when her ship’s communications array picked up a faint transmission. The message was as follows:

“This is an emergency broadcast on all frequencies from Serene Harbour. We are –”

The transmission ended abruptly and did not resume. The signal did not contain any identification data or indications as to its origin.
Commander Solomon gave more details to Vox Galactica:

“The message appeared in my comms panels as text and an electronically generated voice. I wasn’t able to determine a source, only that it was broadcast within 80 light years of that system. My schedule was tight so I couldn’t spend long tracking it. I have no idea if Serene Harbour is a starport, a settlement or even a megaship, but this is obviously a mayday signal. Someone somewhere is in serious trouble. I’ve asked the Pilots Federation to share the information in case any of my fellow Commanders can help.”

To help triangulate the source, there is a callout to any other ships that were in the area at the time, which may have received a similar broadcast. However, no responses have been received as yet.


Commander Elsa Solomon who was traveling in the SWOILZ XX-D C1-30 system at the time indicated that the alert message received was about 80LY from her position.
So the community made a research document to visit all the systems at 80LY of SWOILZ XX-D C1-30. The system we’re looking for must have a signal on coordinates 56.4 // -8.3… and that system was quickly found: R CrA Sector AF-A d42, planet 3B« Unknown Signal ».

On the surface, a Penal Colony: an imperial prison named Serene Harbour.
On site: materials, a Datapoint and four Settlement Uplinks containing messages from the prison chief named Gabriel De Luca.

Journal 20/01/3307 - 18:30

A new group of inmates were delivered today — Theta Group. My guards gave them the usual welcome that all our guests have to go through. Afterwards they were assigned their designated numbers. Nobody gets to use their name here, myself included. Even these voice logs are automatically processed to remove all identifying markers. It makes our job much easier, knowing there were never any real people at Serene Harbour.

Everyone In Theta Group is a confirmed member of the NMLA (Neo-Marlinists, extremists using violence to create a new Empire, based on the first emperor’s democratic governement, Marlin). We’ve had Marlinists here before, but they didn’t last long before telling us what we wanted to know. The IISS (imperial intelligence organisation) were grateful for the information, and their raids on terrorist cells were very successful. As always, we’re happy to let them take the credit. As long as it keeps the spotlight away from Imperial Intelligence.

What’s slightly unusual about these Marlinists is where they were captured. Prisoner files say they had an advanced workshop hidden in LTT 1935, a Federal system. It’s thought that these were the people who built the enzyme bombs that were used in the starport attacks last year. So we have some real celebrities in our cells.

It’s a mystery to me Why everyone is so scared ofthe NMLA. I’ve handled radicals like them before. Emperor’s Dawn, Silver Oracle, League of Reparation… they all broke eventually. These will break too.

Journal 24/01/3307 - 19:12

Theta Group are proving to be harder to crack than I expected. Most of them haven’t said a word so far. Screams don’t count as words, obviously.

The man we think is their leader, Theta Seven, is supposedly something of an engineering genius, despite being covered in corrosive scars. During questioning, he just closes his eyes and lets it happen. Something tells me he might have gone through this before.

A few of the others are more vocal, but not with anything useful. Theta Twelve just spits abuse, whereas Theta Two is always shouting some nonsense about ‘remembering the nine martyrs’. She’s using a technique I’ve seen from other extremists, where they self-reinforce by reminding themselves of their cause. But they don’t usually hold out for this long.

We’ve been told that these terrorists need to look healthy and intact for a public execution, Which limits our usual methods. Therefore, I’m taking an alternative approach. I’ve requested a neurosensory amplifier to be loaded onto the next supply shuttle. It’s a delicate piece of medical equipment, so I told them to mark it as fragile.

Journal 26/01/3307 - 00:22

Situation report. We have a major incident. A large-scale security breach is in progress. I cannot explain how this has happened, but… the prisoners are no longer in captivity. They got free. All of them!

Just as the supply ship was coming in to land, most of our automated systems shut down simultaneously. Cell doors unlocked, electric barriers were disabled, even the sentry Skimmers outside just dropped to the ground. And the inmates came surging out – too many to stop.

I managed to reach my office, but I’m watching what’s going on via the monitors. It’s brutal. Several of my men have been killed already. There are prisoners running riot everywhere, smashing whatever they can find, although… Theta Seven hasn’t joined them. He’s still sitting in his cell, even though the door’s open. It looks like he’s waiting.

Could he have done this? Top-rank Imperial Intelligence officers have override codes giving them remote control of assets, which would explain this security shutdown. But Theta Seven can’t know those codes, unless he’s stolen them somehow?

All of Theta Group look calm, like they knew this was going to happen. Maybe that’s how they resisted our questioning for so long… they had hope. They probably timed this so they could hijack the supply ship and escape.

But it’s not going to work. I’ve ordered my remaining guards to retreat to the control room and await reinforcements. We anticipated breakout attempts like this, which is why all our shuttles carry a full squad of combat troops. I can see them on the external cameras now, leaving the ship and heading inside. They look heavily armed. Good. I think we’ll have everything locked down again soon.

Journal 26/01/3307 - 00:58

This is an emergency broadcast on all frequencies from Serene Harbour. We are an Imperial Intelligence detention facility, and I’m the… my name is Commandant Gabriel De Luca, ID code XTU67065. I might… might be the only survivor. There’s been a breakout. A massacre!

The soldiers from the ship killed them all. They just stormed in and started shooting, gunning down prisoners and guards alike. I watched it happen, all the corridors filled with laser fire, the bodies piling up. My men didn’t stand a chance.

They wiped out every single person… except Theta Group. The troops let them live. More than that, they escorted them back to the ship like they were senators!

Why are our own soldiers doing this? Are they… has the NMLA infiltrated Imperial Intelligence? Used our override codes against us? It sounds impossible. It must be impossible!

I’m not sure ifthis transmission is getting through. They might be jamming our comms. I’ll try again once the ship’s taken off. I don’t know why it’s still Sitting there, or what the hell is happening.

Wait. I can see on the monitors, two people have come back in through the airlock. They’re still suited, I can barely see their faces through the helmets, but one looks badly scarred… Theta Seven! It’s got to be. Why has he come back?

They’re heading inwards, past all the corpses. I think they’re… I think they’re heading for my office. And they’re carrying something between them. A large steel box with writing stamped on it, that says… it says…


It thus appears that the imperial intelligence organisation was infiltrated, and the prison’s defenses deactivated by codes that were extremely difficult to obtain.

The Theta group, Neo-Marlinist extremists in the NMLA who wish to see the end of the Empire in order to see the formation of a new democratic Empire, seems to be of very high importance. They were extracted from the base by a troop of elite soldiers and their leader, Theta Seven, even returned to the prison about thirty minutes after the massacre began, in order to find the leader of the colony to interrogate him in return, torture him and most probably kill him.

The Lore about the Marlinists and the assassinations of the Duval (the imperial family) connects here with Serene Harbour. It should be noted that this story happened only a few days ago, on January the 26th! High-ranking officers of the Empire wish for the end of the imperial family and they are apparently very well prepared.

No trace of the supply ship at this time, and no complex has been found in the heart of the Federation on LTT1935 located at 328.81LY from the prison.

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Developers & Community

Read our article EVERYTHING about Odyssey.
A dedicated space about Devs’ messages from the forums and social Medias.

~ Recent communications ~

  • [Odyssey] We have a fresh selection of answers to your Elite Dangerous: Odyssey questions! This week Gareth Hughes has graciously shared the answers you gave us on Ships and Vehicles! – SourceCommunity Team

Q: Can a ship and SRV damage a player if I run over them?
Absolutely! An SRV can damage or kill a player if they are not fast enough to get out of the way. This goes the same for AI, though they will do their best to evade you if they see you coming!

Q: Will there be updates to ship and SRV combat, as well as ground combat?
Ship combat and SRV combat is in a healthy place right now, our focus is on ground combat for Odyssey, and ensuring that it is balanced well against vehicles. We will be looking closely at balancing in the upcoming Alpha.

Q: Do player shields affect ships like other ships do?
Players will not be able to ‘ram’ a ship whilst on foot no, though it would be fun to watch someone try.

Q: How will you balance night vision on ships with on foot players?
Night vision will work as it does currently; providing ship Commanders improved vision in low light environments. It is worth noting that ‘on foot’ players will be very small targets for Commanders in ships, and too small for ship weapons to lock on to. However, Commanders in ships will be very big targets for players on foot, with some handheld weapons being able to lock on to them.

Q: Will the ship launched fighter be used in ground combat?
Yes, all deployable vehicles can be used. A player can choose to deploy in a fighter if they want, with all the benefits and drawbacks that will provide.

Q. Will we be getting an addition to the ship HUD? As seen in the gameplay reveal, we will have a compass. Surely to make things easier to communicate between players on foot and in ship/SRV a North directional indicator should appear on your radar when in orbit around a planet, or in atmosphere.
The current HUD for ships in Elite Dangerous provides all the relevant information that Commanders will need in Odyssey.

Q. Will spaceships be able to deploy anti-personnel/vehicle bombs/missiles?
We have no plans to add specific anti-personnel ship weapons. We’ve put a huge amount of work into ensuring the combat triangle remains balanced and fair. Ships will however have creative opportunities to use their existing arsenal…

Q: Will we be able to drop in from our ships or do we have to leave and exit the ship like normal during combat situations?
In order to deploy from your ship Commanders will need to land first.

Q. Can we engineer our SRVs?
There will be extensive engineering options for suits and weapons in Odyssey, however there are no plans to engineer SRVs

Q. When doing a multiple vehicle assault, is it possible for player crew members to drive SRVs from the ship they don’t own? Similar way to launching a SLV is now?
Absolutely! For instance, there would be nothing to stop a Commander in an Alliance Crusader have 1 of their multi-crew teammates deploying in a Ship Launched Fighter, landing and deploying the other multi-crew teammate in an SRV, before heading in on foot themselves.

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Lore & Powerplay

Powerplay, continues to operate in game and the powers compete on a variety of military, economic and political fronts to gain new territory and expand their influence on the human world.

  1. Edmund Mahon +1
  2. Zachary Hudson +1
  3. Arissa Lavigny-Duval -2
  4. Aisling Duval =
  5. Felicia Winters =
  6. Denton Patreus +1
  7. Yuri Grom +2
  8. Li Yong-Rui =
  9. Pranav Antal -3
  10. Archon Delaine =
  11. Zemina Torval =



Cycle 295. We begin cycle 296.

The Powers on Reddit

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


Edmund Mahon


Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal


Every previously damaged stations in the Witch Head Nebula are now repaired.
California and Coalsack are doing well. proposes the latest news from the galaxy!

  • – Galnet News
  • GalnetAudioFR – Dubbed Galnet, in French. Let me know if you would like to do this in English! Here are the examples in French.


The most important news:

28 January 3307 – Sirius Corporation has received more data than Utopia and will therefore host the Galactic Summit.

Both organisations proposed to organise a diplomatic conference for the Alliance, Empire and Federation. After calling on the galactic community to gather data that would support security operations, many pilots handed in anomalous bulk scan data, atypical disrupted wake echoes, exceptional scrambled emission data and unusual encrypted files.

All three superpower governments confirmed that due to its success in preparing effective security systems, they will accept Sirius Corporation as the neutral territory for the conference.
CEO Li Yong-Rui made this announcement:

“Thank you to all the independent pilots who supported us. Sirius will now begin work preparing for the first Galactic Summit, which we hope will increase peace and prosperity across the galaxy.”

Pilots who delivered to Sirius Corporation can collect their rewards from Goldstein Port in the Lembava system.
Simguru Pranav Antal expressed disappointment, but confirmed that all who contributed to Utopia’s initiative will be rewarded at Tanner Settlement in the Polevnic system.

Sirius Corporation has stated that the Galactic Summit is provisionally scheduled to take place over a three-week period in late February and early March.


We also had a nice Retcon with the abandonment of Jasmina Halsey’s Lore by Frontier.
Recent Galnet reports indicate that many documents and interviews have been falsified and that Jasmina never saw « caretakers of our galaxy » or experienced « infinities of the cosmos » after her capital ship, the Starship One, was sabotaged by Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent in 3301.

Halsey admitted that she has no memory of making these statements, and may have suffered post-traumatic shock.
Jasmina Halsey confirmed that the orders for the unscheduled shutdown of Starship One in the Azaleach system came directly from Fleet Admiral Vincent.

The Admiral is currently under interrogation, with Jasmina as a witness.
Admiral Lucas Vincent could have been motivated by Jasmina’s desire at the time to reduce taxes, invest in social infrastructure and cut spending in the Federal Navy. This would have reduced Lucas Vincent’s influence.

You can read more on Galnet.

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Community Goals

No Community Goals this week, maybe next Thursday.

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Images – At the heart of the action

Feel free to send me your prettiest images and videos via Twitter, Discord or directly in the comments.
Excellent screenshots!

First, an interactive short story from Fosdyke, that you can follow on Twitter: Skaada’s Legacy,  Act XI so far.

Then Aranck-o-Star and his twin planets, and Madaxo‘s Mélimelo !

Kahnindustries 3D printed & painted all Elite Dangerous’s ships!

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Videos – The Unmissables

Enjoy these videos from the community!

Jeros captured this excellent Mass Jump from a recent expedition!

The very first Hextuple of Hydra, solo, made by the player Euan: a very well known & skilled Thargoids hunter.

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