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Frontier News

2.3: upcoming livestream

We are getting closer. The beta 2.3 Commanders is still scheduled for February 20, less than a week and a half!

More information will soon be revealed thanks to one or more Dev News presenting the 2.3’s features, as well as an official livestream: pre-release of beta 2.3. This information will of course be relayed on our Twitter @RemlokEN.

Next week, two very exciting livestreams for us! On Tuesday 14th February at 7PM GMT Frontier will be showing us some of the headline features in 2.3 The Commanders, including the Commander Creator. And then on Thursday February 16th at 7PM GMT with our first ever look at the Multicrew feature in action.

Everything on 2.3 Commanders

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Developers and community

A dedicated space to Devs’ messages from the forums and social Medias.

~ elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 Recent communications elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 ~

  • [Gameplay] « Why don’t NPC pirates behave the way this guy did with me last night? How much more fun would NPC interdictions be if they started launching hatch-breaker limpets at you…..especially now that they can pass through shields? Some might still try to destroy your ship after getting what they want, but others might simply steal from you, fire off some pot shots to bring down your shields, then nick off to leave you crying into your beer »: Hmm… Considering… 🙂 – SourceSarah Avory, Senior Programmer (IA)
  • [Ancient Ruins] Every ancient site needed to uncover all the data is currently in the game and in place. The puzzle can be solved but you will need to do some exploring to find other sites. The bugs concerning the codex and site layout do not currently prevent progress. – SourceMitch, QA Team
  • [Gameplay] Here is the list of the next minor factions, created by the players, who will be integrated into game in February – SourceBret Cooper, Forums Community Manager

    • The list is long but good news, the minor faction « Remlok Industries » will be added in-game! Check out some first details below.


~ elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 Minor Faction, Remlok Industries elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 ~

Remlok Industries is based on the B__________ system and soon on T_____. The high-technology station, established in the system since 3300, produces very high quality materials and modules, as well as Remlok components, in cooperation with ____________. The corporation aims to establish a solid market to strengthen our brand of equipments: Remlok. You are welcome on _____ and ______, please follow the local rules. :RemlokHexagones:

To apply for this minor faction, you will either have to be Independent or affiliated with Edmund Mahon :DiscordEmojiAllianceflat: or to Li Yong-Rui :LiYongRui:. A screenshot with your affiliation and membership time will be asked. Different coalitions are ready, and missions will be regularly proposed to members, in order to support Remlok Industries and its allies.

Join the community on Discord ! I will let you know as soon as the registrations are open.

~ elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 Roleplay in the Conflux elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 ~

While CMDR Baton was going to provide us with the coordinates of the Delta site, in the Conflux zone, he was suddenly interrupted.

Guys, I found the Delta site in the Conflux. I am in the process of transmitting the coordin… Goliat? What’s this weapon? HELP!!

The CMDR Goliat therefore declined his identity, he previously had a contract to protect the explorer Baton. The most known pirate of the Conflux thus demands 50 units of Diamonds Low Temperatures which must be delivered to a contact in the bubble of SOL. The explorer will be killed in 4 days because of lack of oxygen, after Goliat blocked him in his SRV, with the minimum of resources!

Since then, Baton was able to be saved thanks to the valorous minors playing this Roleplay game. The Delta site’s data could be recovered, thanks to you pilots!

◘ Conflux Delta Mission: The group was completely destroyed by a neutron star. They carried an element quickly damaging their FSD jump module, and had to regularly perform maintenance to keep it in good condition, unfortunately the power plant has overheated causing great damage, and their ship has been attracted by a neutron star. They are unfortunately dead, cooked by radiation and magnetism… but they ejected their data in the vicinity before that.

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Frontier: a new, and third franchise?

Frontier Developments announced on Monday that the license rights on an unknown franchise have been acquired. This third flagship title developed by the firm should be based on « a world-renowned film franchise ».

We don’t have more information at the moment, but speculation is ongoing about: Harry Potter, James Bond, Wallace & Gromit,… more details will be shared in 2017.

David Braben left a little note on the matter: « The third franchise is an important next step in our growth. We have chosen to license this particular IP to work with as our third franchise, because we believe we can create something very special. It is creatively stimulating, already has a high worldwide profile, and is a perfect match for our expertise »

The Stock Units (Trading) of Frontier Developments PLC had already more than tripled since the end of 2016, rising continuously; Which is a good indication of the amount of funds Frontier can invest for the development of its current and future games.

Source, LondonStockExchange

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Powerplay and Lore

Powerplay is an ongoing battle for interstellar conquest and control. Players can choose a Power, help guide their strategy, and take on special objectives to advance their shared cause. Player choices and actions have a direct and visible impact on the balance of galactic power.

  1. edmund-mahon Edmund Mahon =
  2. zemina-torval Zemina Torval =
  3. aisling-duval Aisling Duval =
  4. li-yong-rui Li Yong-Rui =
  5. a-lavigny-duval Arissa Lavigny-Duval +1
  6. felicia-winters Felicia Winters -1
  7. pranav-antal Pranav Antal +2
  8. yuri-grom Yuri Grom =
  9. zachary-hudson Zachary Hudson -2 // Turmoil
  10. denton-patreus Denton Patreus =
  11. archon-delaine Archon Delaine =

Cycle 89. We are in the cycle 90.



◘ 6 February – Independent engineer Ram Tah, who has been leading research into the Synuefe ruins, has commented on the discovery of several new, similar sites: « I am delighted that our research has led explorers to further ancient sites, and I am hopeful that these ruins will yield fresh information about the Guardians. » « I am aware that some pilots believe the new sites are identical to the one in Synuefe XR-H d11-102, but deeper analysis reveals that while the structures follow a set architectural pattern, the configuration of the codex-data pillars is different. This means there is probably unique data at each site, and I urge explorers to investigate the codex layouts to ensure no data is missed. »

Ram Tah also urged independent explorers to deliver any recovered data promptly, as his deciphering software can be applied to Guardian codices for only a few weeks.

◘ 9 February – Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced that her campaign to establish a rehabilitation centre for victims of war has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the campaign by delivering construction materials to Dirichlet Orbital, the campaign’s centre. « It is clear to me that, in the current political climate, peace cannot be achieved without practical effort. It feels so good to do something that will have a measurable impact. » »My sincere thanks go to the many pilots who supported this campaign, and to the Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry for its generous financial support. »

◘ 10 February – Intriguing Expedition Record

Professor Melville - Xeno-biology

A curious record has surfaced, detailing an apparently clandestine expedition to find relics from the lost civilisation known as the Guardians. The record, which takes the form of a series of personal logs, indicates that the expedition was led by one Professor Melville, an authority on xeno-biology who disappeared a few months ago.

The record has attracted a considerable amount of attention, and is reprinted in full below.


13th January 3303

« I’m not just going to sit here while that jumped-up mechanic Ram Tah spoon-feeds us information. »

That’s what Professor Melville said. He wanted to know more about the Guardians – maybe even figure out where they came from. So off we went, with little to go on beyond the professor’s belief that there were more ruins out there.

He claims to have information that will help us find more sites, but he’s keeping it close to his chest. Only he and the pilot know where we’re going. It’s like he’s afraid someone will take credit for his discovery. We’ve been scanning lifeless planetoids for days, eyeballing the ground for locations.

He keeps reciting the same little speech: « Xeno-archaeology has moved on. The days of exploring the outer reaches, only occasionally finding something of value, are behind us. I have found the key. »

But I’m not an archaeologist. Professor Melville is just a means to an end. I signed up for the money.


24th January 3303

We received an update today – apparently Ram Tah has found some new sites. Melville scoffed when he heard the news. « Scraps from an amateur, » he said. « We’ll find the real secrets. Trust me. »

Trust. That’s an interesting thing. Why should we trust someone who doesn’t trust us? Well, maybe he has reason not to: I took a look at his records while he was talking to the pilot. I don’t like being kept in the dark.

Melville thinks there could be hundreds of sites out there. His hypothesis is that the Guardians occupied an area of space similar in size to that currently inhabited by humans, but that for some reason they were forced to migrate. He believes he can find that region of space and the Guardians’ point of origin.

The Guardians could well have had a huge civilisation, with hundreds of sites – maybe thousands – in this part of space. The similarities across different sites are comparable to the way we reuse certain structures. After all, how many Coriolis stations are there in the galaxy?


2nd February 3303

Melville thinks the Synuefe XR-H D11-102 system represents some kind of end point or ‘last colony’. Beyond that, the sites appear in clusters, with the number of sites in each cluster getting increasingly larger. We discovered a cluster of sites only a few days ago before finding a location with an entirely unique layout. So far we’ve found three sites in each of the following systems: Synuefe LY-I b42-2, Synuefe NL-N c23-4 and Synuefe TP-F b44-0.

There are basically three different types of site, most of which have a different codex layout. Melville thinks that each type of site fulfilled a different function. He also thinks the Guardians were the dominant species in this region of space. But he’s not content with this discovery. He wants to keep going.

Are we ever going back to turn back?


8th February 3303

This isn’t a research vessel anymore – it’s a prison. All means of communicating with the rest of the galaxy have been disabled. Melville has taken control of ship. His obsession has doomed us all.

I’m transmitting these records in the hope that someone finds them and comes to our rescue. But the chances of that are slim.

Galnet News

The Powers on Reddit

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


Edmund Mahon


Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal

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Community Goals

Community Goals allow the community to work together on an ongoing project within a system. Fight, trade, smuggle, explore and help the factions and super powers to achieve their goals. There is no good or bad CG, write your & Elite’s stories while earning credits!

Three Community Goals with Commodities (including rares) – Transport and Trading only.

◘ Colonia Migration Appeal III

  • Location: Jaques Station | Colonia
  • Objective: Deliver Galactic Travel Guides
  • Rewards: Creation of multiple minor factions in the Colonia bubble
  • Progress: 0/1
  • Until: February 2nd
  • Description: Gather your Galactic Travel Guides via the LHS 3447 system, Bluford Orbital. For more details, check the Colonia’s immigration website.


◘ Peacock patrons of law issue appeal

  • Location: Phillips Dock | Peacock
  • Objective: Deliver Robotics, Ion Distributors, and Emergency Power Cells.
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress: 1/8
  • Until: 16 February
  • Description: Les Peacock Patrons of Law lancent un appel d’offres pour des chargements de robots, distributeurs d’ions et cellules d’énergie de secours. L’organisation promet de récompenser les pilotes effectuant des livraisons à bord de Phillips Dock, dans le système de Peacock.


◘ Valentine’s day appeal

  • Location: Rose Terminal | Vestani
  • Objective: Deliver Thrutis Cream, Deuringas Truffles, and Esuseku Caviar
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress: 1/8
  • Until: 16 February
  • Description: Human civilisation spans hundreds of star systems and encompasses a wide range of cultures, but many people still share a number of traditions. One such tradition is Valentine’s Day, a celebration of romantic love dating from the 5th Century. With many choosing to mark the occasion by giving gifts to their significant other, retailers throughout the galaxy are preparing for a busy week. One of these retailers, Vestani Conservatives, has placed an open order for various commodities in anticipation of this hectic period.
  • Notes:
    • Thrutis Cream: Kingsbury Dock, system Thrutis (Orbis starport) – allocation max 18 units
    • Deuringas Truffles: Shukor Hub, system Deuringas (Coriolis starport) – allocation max 7 units
    • Esuseku Caviar: Savinykh Orbital, system Esuseku (Coriolis starport) – allocation max 11 units

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Pics of the week

Did you miss ED RPG‘s artworks this week? Here they are:

Nolf realised a Python, and an Anaconda… 3D printed! He even bothered pushing it further, it is bronze filled and polished.

As always, Ian Baristan is creating sumptuous artworks. Have a look at his latest work!

Fanatic Shelby is back with new astounding pics.

Let’s conclude this series with the Explorer Yue, who arrived at Colonia earlier in the week!

Katarus has just arrived at its destination after more than 80 000 LY travelled. A great performance, bravo!

Last minute bonus, the excellent Artwork from Miguel Iglesias (designer at Ubisoft)


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Videos of the week

Discover different videos on the French version of The Outpost #59.

Let’s kick it off with something short, and really smart… Dean and Dan are Elite: Dangerous noobs!

Space Tourism is back! Have a look at the new episode from Mars Yurip and GhostGiraffe <3

Hyperdicted by a Thargoid? Let’s send him messages… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TFaddy reworked his previous Super Elite gif, and it is incredibly terrific!! Hours of work, congrats buddy 🙂

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