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Frontier News

End of Salomé’s event

○ Salomé

The story obviously made the headlines since more than 4.000 pilots found themselves in-game in order to write the story! I leave aside the few organisational problems in order to highlight the results of what the Elite community: Dangerous has achieved. After many years of searching and discoveries, to say the least destabilising, four VIPs were ultimately to protect in order to reveal to the world truths hidden for hundreds of years.

Salomé, Raan Corsen, Tsu Annabelle Singh and Yuri Nakamura were heavily protected by their close guards. Indeed, if many pilots wanted these VIPs dead or alive, many others had sworn fidelity in order to protect these eminent persons with their life: they have great secret and troubling knowledge of actual events. Starting from 46 Eridani, they jumped from system to system to reach a destination unveiled along the way: Tionisla. It is here that the famous ships graveyard contains a ship belonging to “R.”: This is Rebecca, the woman who unveiled Zurara’s Mystery. By activating a code here, Listening Posts will activate in a nearby system, Teorge, and unveil their information to humanity.

Logs' extract



Recap of the event

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Developers and Community

A dedicated space to Devs’ messages from the forums and social Medias.

~ elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 Recent communications elite-dangerous-clean-orange-30x30 ~

  • [BGS] Working on getting things validated and imported this week. Deepest apologies on the delays with this process. – SourceBrett Cooper, Community Manager
  • [Gameplay] Summary: Sandro discussed a lot with the community this week about the Karma System. There are still a lot of things to discuss but this feature would serve to improve relationships between PvP and PvE players, somehow. Ships that behave badly will suffer penalties that affect the game: killing innocent people, voluntarily ramming ships to death near stations, combat log,… The more malicious actions the players take, the more they will loose in karma. Having a positive karma or a negative karma would bring different benefits or malus in order to adapt to the player’s gameplay. You can read more on the forums or via our source – SourceSandro Sammarco, Lead Designer

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An update on Remlok Industries

Holidays! Many projects to keep me going during this free week, but also articles for the FR and EN communities. Cooperations between groups of players, events, preparations of upcoming topics, a lot of things to keep me busy. I hope that the content I create still pleases you, don’t forget that you can contact us via the Contact button in the menu, or via Twitter or even Discord to propose us with your content:

  • Your Elite: Dangerous article – Contact us, after we’ve replied you will be able to provide us with a Word document and pictures in a .zip folder so we can publish it on our website;
    • Roleplay, detailed guide, news, …
  • Players Groups Spotlight – Need some help promoting your group? After a quick chat, you will receive a document in order to help us build the article. Roleplay, Q/A, any format: we would love to help you!;
  • Live event in-game – Fancy a scenario? I would be glad to join you during a livestream in order to better understand how YOU play Elite: Dangerous;
    • Iridium Wing and Green Planet created badass events already. What about you?

I’ll be away from May 13 to 20 for a business travel. Anyone in Seattle?

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Powerplay and Lore

Powerplay is an ongoing battle for interstellar conquest and control. Players can choose a Power, help guide their strategy, and take on special objectives to advance their shared cause. Player choices and actions have a direct and visible impact on the balance of galactic power.

  • edmund-mahon Edmund Mahon =
  • zemina-torval Zemina Torval =
  • a-lavigny-duval Arissa Lavigny-Duval =
  • aisling-duval Aisling Duval =
  • li-yong-rui Li Yong-Rui =
  • felicia-winters Felicia Winters =
  • zachary-hudson Zachary Hudson = // Turmoil
  • denton-patreus Denton Patreus +1
  • yuri-grom Yuri Grom +1
  • pranav-antal Pranav Antal -2 // Turmoil
  • archon-delaine Archon Delaine =





Cycle 100. We are in the cycle 101.



◘ 3 mai – Imperial despatches have confirmed that Commander Salomé, also known as Kahina Tijani Loren, was killed in the Arumclaw system on the 29th of April by a bounty hunter known as ‘Besieger’.Salomé was escorted by several heavily armed vessels, but her Imperial Clipper ‘Seven Veils’ was nevertheless destroyed by weapons fire. Three commanders were seen fleeing Arumclaw shortly afterwards. Surveillance reports indicate that Salomé’s co-conspirators – Raan Corsen, Tsu Annabelle Singh and Yuri Nakamura – remain at large.

Moments after Salomé’s destruction was confirmed, a transmission was detected in the Teorge system, leading to the discovery of a series of logs. The logs, which apparently date from 3275, contain nebulous assertions regarding a scheme from an unidentified super organisation to manipulate the Empire, Federation and Alliance. A number of factions tried to defend Salomé and her allies as they travelled from 46 Eridani to the core systems. Imperial intelligence is reportedly trying to identify the factions that supported the conspirators, but anecdotal reports indicate that many have already fallen into disarray in the wake of Salomé’s death.

“She was a force of evil who attempted to sow the seeds of conflict among those who strive for peace,” said Princess Aisling Duval. “Her warmongering is at an end, and the galaxy is now a safer place. It’s just a shame that so many innocent lives were lost before she was brought down.”

Admiral Denton Patreus refused to address claims that the bounty hunter was in his employ, saying only, “Let that be an end to this sorry affair”.

Galnet News

The Powers on Reddit

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


Edmund Mahon


Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal

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Community Goals

Community Goals allow the community to work together on an ongoing project within a system. Fight, trade, smuggle, explore and help the factions and super powers to achieve their goals. There is no good or bad CG, write your & Elite’s stories while earning credits!

Two Community Goals this week: immigration to Colonia (transport), and some trading for the Alliance

◘ Colonia Migration Appeal VI

  • Location: Jaques Station | Colonia
  • Objective: Deliver Galactic Travel Guides
  • Rewards: Creation of multiple minor factions in the Colonia bubble
  • Progress: Ongoing – 4 week until completion
  • Until: 1st of June
  • Description: Gather your Galactic Travel Guides via the LHS 3447 system, Bluford Orbital. For more details, check the Colonia’s immigration website.


◘ Alliance Outpost Campaign (Trading)

  • Location: Darwin Research Facility | California Sector BV-Y c7
  • Objective: Deliver Geological Equipment, Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses, Building Fabricators and Energy Grid Assemblies
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress: 1/8
  • Until: 11 May
  • Description: The Alliance has announced plans to construct a new outpost in the California Nebula and placed an open order for construction materials. An Alliance spokesperson outlined the nature of the initiative:
    “With the Federation and the Empire mired in hostility, it falls to the Alliance to pursue a more exploratory agenda. This new outpost will further that agenda by supporting our ongoing research in the California Nebula. The Turner Research Group has generously offered to support this initiative, allowing us to reward pilots who deliver Geological Equipment, Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses, Building Fabricators and Energy Grid Assemblies to our base of operations at Darwin Research Facility in the California Sector BV-Y c7 system.”

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Pics of the Week

Filzar aims at the Empire // Discocat and her Discoplanet // MatDallTac, Medicorp in the Wing Atlantis

Torsten Rehn and his fabulous 3D printed AspX, with a god-like touch of colours.

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Videos of the Week

My Top #3 of the past few weeks for the Ctrl + Alt + Space contest, currently ongoing. Make sure to send your creations to community@frontier.co.uk! I watched about thirty videos, all astonishing, and I am always so amazed by the imagination and creativity of the Elite: Dangerous community. Thanks for your lovely work o7

Let’s kick it off with Tikas‘ fascinating creation. A masterpiece of editing and screen captures that will take your breath away! Full roleplay, a favourite.

« Laser Cops speaking, stop your ship! » – « Mars, the enemy is behind us! » – « I know, and know? » *flips ship* // We always spend an excellent time with our friend Ghost Giraffe. Yeeeeha! I cried in laughter with this one.

Birds flying high, you know how I feel… I feel good! Thanks Anukus for this refreshing video highlighting his life as a pilot in Elite: Dangerous.

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