Thanks to all those who accompanied my presentation of The Game Awards yesterday, which you can watch again on Twitch, in French hon hon!

But yesterday we were all there more or less for one thing… Sephiroth in Smash Bros Melee Ultimate! Uh no… we were mainly there for the gameplay trailer of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.


If I’m still largely left on my hunger with these 1m of « gameplay » trailer, some information are to be noted:

  • SteamDB seems to indicate a release for April 21, 2021, later than we would have imagined in « early 2021 », but it’s still in the first third of the year. This date is not official.
  • The activatable shield on our suits seems to break when it’s emptied, we see it on a character on the left of the picture which is really the best scene of the clip: a rather large battle on a surface base. An NPC on the right seems to float a bit above the ground, crouching without doing anything while his friends fight.
  • The flashlight is a big block over our left shoulder.
  • The fight looks fast, dynamic and seems interesting.
  • Odyssey is available at €35/£29 in the standard version, and at €47/£39 in the Deluxe version with access to the Alpha and Beta of the game.
  • Apart from the fighting, even if it looks good, and some landscapes; We didn’t learn anything really new with this trailer. We will farm, but on foot.

Finale scene with two commanders on foot


BUT also four images received by my Press Relation in French that keep me much more in suspense than the trailer!