The Update 3.0 Beta Elite: Dangerous will soon be available in your Launchers!

Let’s detail the nice additions to this update. Keep in mind that the story will be locked so we don’t spoil the narrative stories.


Additional improvements 3.0 beta

  • First of all, read the full content of Beyond Chapter 1, which is the Season 3 of Elite: Dangerous → EVERYTHING about Beyond Chapter 1
  • New crime recognised: « reckless weapons discharge »
  • New USS scenarios added
  • Added new alien attack craft
  • Recon Limpet Controller added to identify targets
  • Added synthesis for new Technology Broker modules and weapons
  • Added synthesis for AX weapons
  • Increased manoeuvrability benefits when boosting based on the ENG pips
  • Option added so players can choose how flight controllers address them (Commander Name, Ship Name or Ship ID) when approaching a station
  • Increased rewards at Search and Rescue contact
  • New High Value supercruise targets for pirates to raid
  • More than 1000 fixes included! The more important ones are:
    • Fixed an issue where engineer bases would not always occupy the top position of your Contacts Panel by default
    • Moved some shipping containers at the Torno 3 Maclaurin Reach surface base to prevent SRVs from becoming stuck
    • Added docked capital ship to the Carthage system (deja vu)
    • Addressed reports of reckless flying by NPCs around Stations
    • A LOT of fixes and enhancement to the game code in order to optimize the use of our CPUs, love it 🙂
    • Type 10 buffed, Power Distributor Class from 6 → 7!
    • Autoloader rate increased 25%
    • Force Shell no longer scatters
    • Plasma Slug damage penalty reduced from 20% to 10%
    • Radiant Canister no longer reduces ammo capacity (was 25% penalty)
    • Shiftlock Canister no longer reduces damage (was 20% Penalty)
    • Thermal Conduit no longer includes a base damage penalty, but the damage bonuses from the firing ship’s heat have been reduced to offset this
    • Thermal Vent effectiveness doubled, and no longer increases weapon’s baseline heat (was 25% penalty)
    • Thermal Shock damage penalty reduced from 20% to 10%

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