The Elite: Dangerous update, beta 2.2.03 #3 is now available for you to test, if you have a beta access!

Let’s check what this update is made of. Don’t forget to send your feedback on the beta 2.2.03 forums.



General Enhancements

  • Updated the bonus rewards from passenger demanded cargo – this makes the reward more worth while for the player
  • Network improvements

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  • Fixed mission progress elements in the ancient ruins template to actually show the inbox messages as the data is discovered
  • Reduced the reputation reward for the ancient ruin mission when handed in and not fully completed
  • Added a bonus reputation reward for full ancient ruin mission completion
  • Massacre Conflict missions will only accept conflict zone targets

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  • Increased fighter weapon hardness piercing
  • Experimental Rebalance of large ship durability issues and weapon hardness piercing:
    • Shield booster diminishing returns cut in at about +80%, reaching a theoretical cap of +150% (in previous builds at least +550% was attainable)
    • Hardness of Corvette Cutter & Conda roughly tripled (raised to 210,210,200)
    • Base shield of Corvette & Conda increased by 10%, base shield of Cutter increased by 15%
    • Hardness piercing of huge weapons, railguns, plasma accelerators and torpedos all tripled in line with big ship hardness increase
    • Hardness piercing of large weapons (other than slugshot) doubled to partially adjust for the big ship hardness increase
  • Adjust to how torpedos and ECM interact:
  • Increase « drunk » time from 2-8 to 5-10 seconds
  • Add a much more exaggerated kick off target when an ECM hits a missile/torpedo to make it far more likely to miss large ships even at close range (tested to cause ~70% of torpedos to miss a type9 when the ECM fires at a 500m range)
  • All shields above size 2 have received substantial regeneration rate increases, with the size 8 getting the biggest boost. At size 8, regeneration rate while broken is doubled for normal shields and bieweaves, and +50% for prismatics. When active, regeneration is now 40% of the value when broken for normal shields and prismatics, or 80% for biweaves
  • When scaling down the fire rate of beams, lower their DPS correctly rather than having no effect. this will slightly nerf efficient beams, with a noticeable effect to lower levels, but G5 sees very small difference
  • Internal statistics panel now has a combat defences section which should show:
    • Shield health
    • Armour health
    • Armour rating
    • plus the damage resistances to all 3 types for both

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  • Current Vote Status box doesn’t encompass all information heading correctly
  • Preparation Overview does not show the current voting ratio for logistics consolidation versus continued preparation fixed

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