Also visit Voyager 2 – A Relentless Probe

→ This probe is now easy to find thanks to the new Exploration mechanism FSS. How to use the FSS.

Voyager 1 is the first of the two probes sent for the Voyagers Program, which was launched on September the 5th of 1977. The probe’s primary mission objectives included flybys of Jupiter, Saturn, and Saturn’s large moon, Titan. While the spacecraft’s course could have been altered to include a Pluto encounter by forgoing the Titan flyby, exploration of the moon, which was known to have a substantial atmosphere, took priority. It studied the weather, magnetic fields, and rings of the two planets and was the first probe to provide detailed images of their moons.

She is located at around 20,620,164,000 km from Earth, so be patient and finally meet with this legendary probe.

To gain access to the Sol system, you will need at least the military rank 4 from the Federation. To do this: process missions with the Federation’s factions and fight in combat zones with them. Indeed, this Superpower is our direct descendants and they always manage the first human system, as well as its planets and satellites.

Before starting this long journey to Voyager 1, feel free to visit the local planets, I’m sure you know them. They’re so pretty, it’s amazing to visit them “for real”!


We’re on for a 35min travel + preparation. Get yourself comfortable, and be ready for an astonishing discovery with this legendary probe!


Step by step, let’s get closer to this probe.

  • Get closer to the star, the Sun;
  • Open your Galaxy map, and target at the system Beroni;
  • Point your ship toward this star;
  • Go forward! You have 2,317,434 light seconds (ls) to travel +/- 1000 LY;
  • This milestone reached, make a U-turn at 30km/s (speed 0%) in order to point at the Sun “Sol”, then carefully observe the stars;
  • The Sun needs to be at a specific location relative to the background, with the galaxy. Move your ship to “move the sun” where it needs to be;
  • Once everything is ready, let’s look for Voyager 1’s signal, keep your speed below 250c. You need to keep your distance relative to the sun: 2,317,434 sl +/- 1000 LY.
  • You should be able to find the Ancient Probe signal, it’s Voyager 1!


The probe transmits messages in different languages, like the original. The antenna dish, the optical and spectral instruments, the golden record, … everything is there! Don’t forget to provide us with your pics 🙂


Make sure to follow the incredible Giraffe on YouTube, he provided us with this video-guide!

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