Also visit Voyager 1 – First Interstellar Probe

→ This probe is now easy to find thanks to the new Exploration mechanism FSS. How to use the FSS.

Voyager 2 is the second of the two probes sent for the Voyagers Program, which was launched on August 20, 1977. Technically identical to Voyager 1, Voyager 2 was launched on a slower and more curved trajectory, in the ecliptic plane (where the planets of the Solar System are). Thus, we have been able to direct it towards Uranus (no worries, the process is safe) and Neptune using the gravitational assistance during the overflights of Saturn in 1981 and of Uranus in 1986.

Like Voyager 1, the probe must collect scientific data on the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, because these planets were very little known at the time. It is now at a relatively far distance from the Earth but remains in 3303, within reach of the most patient pilots.

To gain access to the Sol system, you will need at least the military rank 4 from the Federation. To do this: process missions with the Federation’s factions and fight in combat zones with them. Indeed, this Superpower is our direct descendants and they always manage the first human system, as well as its planets and satellites.

Before starting this long journey to Voyager 2, feel free to visit the local planets, I’m sure you know them. They’re so pretty, it’s amazing to visit them « for real »!


Now for the challenging part: how to find Voyager 2?

I followed Giraffe’s guide, and he insisted so much on ordering a pizza that I had to get mine. The travel and research will last for at least 45 minutes minimum, if not several hours. Where’s yours?

Step by step, let’s get closer to this relentless probe.

  • Get closer to the star, the Sun;
  • Open your Galaxy map, and target at the system Hyroks; Yeah, you rock too <3
  • Point your ship toward this star and then gently aim below that point;
  • Go forward! You have 2,069,423 light seconds (ls) to travel +/- 1000 LY;
  • This milestone reached, make a U-turn at 30km/s (speed 0%) in order to point at the Sun « Sol », then carefully observe the stars;
  • The Sun needs to be at a specific location relative to the background, with the galaxy. Move your ship to « move the sun » where it needs to be;
  • Once everything is ready, let’s look for Voyager 2’s signal, keep your speed below 250c. You need to keep your distance relative to the sun: 2,069,423 ls +/- 1000 LY.
  • You should be able to find the Ancient Probe signal, it’s Voyager 2!

Sol needs to be up here, move your ship down to do this


The probe transmits messages in different languages, like the original, except that here we can hear David Braben after the German version: « Thank you to the whole community, we hope you enjoy our game. »

Make sure to follow the incredible Giraffe on YouTube, he provided us with this video-guide!