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Boite à Outils Communauté & Outils Vaisseaux Exploration Commerce & Minage Sciences  
Guardians Beacons and Hybrid Fighters

Discover the new Guardians Beacons and unlock new technologies like the Hybrid Guardians fighters!
Beacons, Structures, Guardian Vessels AND… a new, powerful Thargoid Interceptor: the Hydra.

The Guardians – Collect the Guardians Structures 28 Data

Collect the 28 new Data from the Guardians Structures.
Follow the guide and get your millions… for science!

The Guardians – Lore

Explore the Guardians’ Lore in the Elite: Dangerous universe!
Tech, Culture, Biology, Lore and language.

Dealing with the Guardians Bases

Discover the Guardian Bases, and learn how to extract the data to obtain your own hybrid weapons Humans-Guardians!
Check out the full details about these gigantic alien structures.

The Guardians – Collect the Ancient Sites 101 Data

Collect the full 101 Data from the Guardians Ancient Sites.
Follow the guide and get your millions… for science!