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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

Full details of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gameplay video!
Heist Mission, Combat on-foot + Teaser Dev Diary 4.

FAQ – Everything about Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

A recap about everything there is to know on Elite Dangerous Odyssey.
Dive into the FAQ and discover the next expansion of the game!

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey & Release Dates

The Elite: Dangerous team at Frontier Developments has just published an announcement regarding the release dates of its next expansion: Odyssey.

Dev Diary #3 – Sphere of Combat

Discover the third Elite Dangerous Developer Diary for Odyssey: Sphere of Combat!
Combat, weapons and their types, suits, gameplay and audio from Odyssey.

Ask Me Anything Elite: Dangerous – Second Edition

The Frontier Developments Community Team for Elite: Dangerous collected some of the most recurring questions asked by the community.

Trailer Gameplay Elite Dangerous: Odyssey + Bonus Screenshots

Discover the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gameplay trailer, as well as some images from the Press Release.
A release date and a price for Odyssey?

Ask Me Anything Elite: Dangerous – First Edition

Out of nowhere, a Q&A session with the Elite: Dangerous Community Team!
Without further ado, the Qs&As.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey details from PCGamer

Discover new details about Elite: Dangerous Odyssey, thanks to the PCGamer magazine!
New images of weapons, shields and a sense of realism for our equipments.

Dev Diary #2 – Forging Your Path

Discover the second Elite Dangerous Developer Diary for Odyssey: Forging Your Path!
We’ve seen a few stations interiors, landscapes, new companies & suits.

Ship Interiors & VR for Odyssey

Some new détails have been shared with the community.
VR and Odyssey, Ship Interiors and possibly Galnet News!