The next Elite Dangerous Update: Beyond « Chapter 2 » will be available this June 28, 2018!




  • Beyond Chapter 2 will be released this June 28, 2018.
  • Beyond is scheduled for 2018 and will be spread into four updates, one of which has already been released.
    • Quarter 2 and 3 – minor additions and story progression
    • Quarter 4 – Exploration, Mining and Player Groups
  • Beyond Chapter 2 will be free for all Horizons players.
  • L’histoire des Gardiens ainsi que l’Histoire des Thargoids vont continuer, dévoilant de nouvelles trames.

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New Ships: Challenger & Krait

  • The Challenger might be an upgraded version of the Chieftain concept, a Medium ship! It has stronger armour than its Chieftain counterpart and will be able to soak up a significant amount of punishment.
    • 7 Hardpoints: 1 Large, 3 Medium and 3 Small.
    • 4 Utility
    • Powerplant 6, Thrusters 6, FSD 5, Life 5, Distributor 6, Sensors 4
    • Opt modules 6 6 3 3 2 2 + three 4 Military
    • ~30M credits.
  • The Krait, presented during the Frontier Expo 17, will also be added in-game. It owns 3 hardpoints Class 3 and 2 Class 2 + a  Fighter Bay.
    • 5 Hardpoints: 3 Large, 2 Medium and a Fighter Bay.
    • 4 Utility
    • Powerplant 7, Thrusters 6, FSD 5, Life 4, Distributor 7, Sensors 6
    • Opt modules 6 6 5 5 4 3 3 2
    • ~40M credits.

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New Wing Missions

  • New multiplayer missions, up to four players, will be available. These will surely be articulated on the new content coming with Chapter 2 Beyond.

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New Weapons Class: Large

  • What seems to be a double Plasma Charger will be in-game: Classe 3 Large Weapons from Guardians technologies!
  • Shock Cannons, Shard Cannons are bound to be there as well. Some others might be implemented.
  • These will be unlocked from Technology Brokers. Return to them with Materials and Data in order to unlock these new tech.
  • The cost to unlock weapons via the Brokers will be drastically reduced.

Double Plasma Charger

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  • A Thargoid Marauder Scout will be introduced in-game. The latter will have special abilities and be able to boost its Thargoid friends surrounding its ship. It is therefore a priority target for any Thargoids fighter.
  • Human installations on the surface might come for Chapter 2… or is it Chapter 4?

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Installations interactions

  • As with interactions with megaships, this new system will now be applied installations in space:
    • Scan the installation and interact with their modules.
    • Hack the turrets and disable security measures.
    • Retrieve data on communication antennas.
    • Steal commodities and materials from cargo bays.

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Official Patch Notes 3.1 – Not published yet

Official Content Presentation 3.1