This is a Roleplay article, I have no issues with the players, medias and organizations quoted in this article. We’re happy to play that content for the current Community Goal. Enjoy! 🙂

To appease people’s nights: Remlok Industries is not « the Alliance », we are just a group from the Alliance of Independents Systems, calling for some support. This article is, as stated above, 100% RP and can’t/won’t be 100% right. Deal with it 🙂



May 30, 3304, Lave Radio Network (LRN), a minor faction inserted into Lave only two years ago and associated with the radio station, took control of Lave, and thereby broke their Treaty with the Alliance factions and groups of August of last year. As expert communicators and leveraging their radio station and friends in the media, LRN have presented a narrative that paints a pretty picture but bears little relation to reality.

We would therefore like to clarify some things:

  1. Lave is one of the Old Worlds. It was a founding member of the original GalCop and served as its capital.
  2. Hans Walden came to power in 3174 and ran Lave as an Independent dictatorship, isolating it from the rest of the galaxy, and letting it slowly sink into obscurity. (Full details can be found in Lave Revolution, by Alan Stroud.)
  3. The revolution of 3265 by the locals of Lave, supported and made possible by the Alliance as per requests from the local citizens, ended Walden’s dictatorship, and brought Lave out of complete isolation back into the galactic fold.
  4. Since then, Lave has been one of the core systems of the Alliance. Because of its size and significance, it is one of the systems represented directly in the Alliance Council of Admirals. Only days ago, on May 24, Riri McAllister was named to the position, replacing Fleet Admiral Tulimaq Buchanan who was killed by the League of Reparation on the 16th.
  5. It has thrived as an Alliance system, especially in recent years, as the population increased from 2.5 billion to 25, becoming the 3rd highest populated system in the human inhabited galaxy. Lavian brandy has flowed freely, throughout.
  6. In June 3301, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon started an initiative to strengthen the economical bonds with the systems around Leesti. To ensure the safety of traders of all affiliations, Mahon didn’t hesitate to announce the open trade agreement for the whole Lave cluster and officially commissioned the Alliance Defence Force to establish a permanent presence in the sector to fight piracy and crime. Remlok Industries has always supported the Old World Open Trade Agreement in order to protect merchants in the area.
  7. The independent media corporation of Lave Radio Network attempted to take Lave in August of last year. Alliance groups rallied and prevented this take-over by turning LRN’s lead around and winning the war. A peace deal was offered that consisted of granting LRN control over the local Warinus asteroid base in order to ensure long-term peace and cooperation rather than permanent skirmishes and instability. As far as the undersigned Alliance factions and groups understand, this peace treaty was ratified by all parties, and LRN is bound by it.
  8. The situation was deeply discussed on Lave Radio’s own channel in Lave Radio Episode 166 which was dedicated to the war and subsequent peace deal.
  9. As LRN in the subsequent months captured Warinus, we remained under the impression that the Treaty remained in effect. Therefore catching the Alliance off guard, LRN more recently pushed for elections and control of the system.
  10. The Alliance factions signing this statement only found out late on May 27, 3304 what was going on. By then LRN had a commanding lead, and the system flipped on May 30, 3304.
  11. Despite LRN’s claim of peacefulness, the faction states in Lave prove the exact opposite – Lave Fortune Organisation is showing signs of civil unrest and lockdown, indicating a concerted and inherently violent campaign against their assets. Moreover, reports from Lave over the past few days speak of several attacks on the Alliance Police Forces as well as civilians. Several Alliance CMDRS report having been attacked by well-known criminals and pirates who announced that they were flying for LRN.
  12. Using the platform of the Lave Radio podcast for blatant propaganda in Episode 200 of May 29th and their attempt to include other media in their campaign, including Obsidian Ant and the famous magazine SagitariusEye, it is clear that this take-over is a return to Walden’s propaganda machine.

Understandably, given the importance of Lave to the Alliance, this is not the end of the story.

Any notion that the Alliance has tyrannically ruled Lave is not supported by the facts stated above. LRN’s control of Lave is bound to be a short term event that will soon be rectified. Breaking treaties in the 34th century is highly unusual, and the galactic community should take note. We would prefer negotiating our way out of this, but as LRN have shown no respect for past treaties, the Alliance will pursue diplomacy by other means. We invite all Alliance CMDRs, Alliance Player groups and other pilots to join in this effort.

Take part in the Community Goal « Shut Down Lave Radio » by signing-up and delivering Hardware Diagnostic Sensors, Magnetic Emitter Coils and Radiation Baffles to Lave Station in the Lave system.

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New Diplomacy

8 June 3304 – We have been invited to Lave Station lately, for a long discussion with Lave Radio Network‘s representative: PR Manager Whoeva.

The long three hours chat was of course centered around the Lave situation we’re having. Despite our green Alliance banners removed, nothing has changed in the station. Everyone is working as usual and obviously the commute has been longer. We thank LRN for the VIP pad we received in order to dock between the very busy traders, here at Lave Station.

Remlok Industries has always supported the Alliance of Independents Systems‘ interests, as well as the Independents rights. Science, Technologies, and Diplomacy are our Core values. Director Nicou, from the Alliance’s famous safety tools corporation has expresses his thoughts about the current turmoil in Lave. The chat was friendly but also led with an iron fist, detailing the interests, questions and history of Lave with a lot of passion and reasoning.

You already read the Lore details from the previous chapter, however it looks like the first diplomacy relations between LRN and some Alliance representatives wasn’t greatly led. Lave Radio wanted a temporary control of Lave in order to Expand out of the system and build more offices to increase their revenues and create even more projects with their radio. This proposal was declined, and intense discussion followed the initiative, sometimes even violent as per Whoeva’s stories.

The Alliance‘s mission is to protect and support all those who wish to preserve their independence from federal and imperial appetites, to encourage the development of their members while preserving their autonomy. It is true that the system Lave joined the Alliance in 3265, after the citizens expressively demanded so to chase down Hans Walden and his Dictature. The fight and turmoil happened between 3174 and 3265, while rebels and Alliance battlegroups fought under the command of Admiral Bryce Jander during the Battle For Lave Station. With our victory the Alliance was, according to Lave Radio’s details, supposed to lead the system for two years in order to help the citizens rebuild their structures and economy. However, the Alliance kept control of the system during the latest 39 years. An Election was put in place in late May 3304 and the citizens themselves voted for Lave Radio Network as leaders for the system.

We can’t deny our doubts for a radio to lead a system. Running a government, setting up defenses, voting laws, economically and technologically trading with local factions… It’s a lot of things to do if you have no proper training… but we think they have learned from experience… let’s see what the Independence can do by themselves thanks to the boom the Alliance offered them.

Lave Radio Network is a corporation keen to keep Democracy in place. It is better than returning to Dictatorship, even if we would have preferred Workers of Lave Liberals in charge. The latter are are known for actively following the ideal that all members should be able to influence how their organisation operates. The Lave Fortune Organisation represents much of the old money that propped up the Walden regime. Whilst they do not advocate a return to his regime, they do want to see some of his previous policies brought back. Lave Incorporated could have been a great leader as well, always seeking and promoting cooperation; particularly in the early years when the planet’s infrastructure required vast redevelopment.

In the end, Remlok Industries members are eager to see how the LRN will lead the system Lave, after the initial boost from the galactic community. We will withdraw our agreements in that system such as the Inter-faction Mutual Benefit Agreement (IMBA) and the Old Worlds Open Trade Agreement. These were designed for Alliance members, we hope that defenses will be put in place to try and replace these initiatives which supported thousands and thousands of traders in the recent years while economically boosting the Lave system.

If they are looking for support from the Alliance again in the future, I express we might publicly write down an agreement about the whereabouts of the Lave system. From here, good luck to the Lave Radio! A massive ToDo list awaits them.

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The Alliance’s Plans

September 2, 3304 – After three months of observation in the system, the Lave Radio Network faction encountered a lot of administrative problems, both economically and politically and militarily. Their projects, including the Expansion outside of Lave, have not succeeded. We counted 1 new election to change the lead of LRN, 3 riots from their citizens, 2 periods of anarchy. The trend is at appeasement after their influence seems to join Workers of Lave Liberals. The latter seem to be gaining votes of confidence following the recent events. The other political parties also feel crushed in influence by LRN.

The Alliance and its many factions, including Remlok Industries, have agreed to support WLL so they can return to the top of local political bulletins. We will not participate in any sabotage and assaults against Lave Radio Network. These are good friends creating quality episodes aired throughout the human bubble, and even relayed to the citizens of the developing Bubble Colonia. Workers of Lave Liberals have dozens of years of practice in the system, have the contacts, the economy and the shoulders to handle this very famous system.

The Bank of Zaonce also supported our initiative, itself wishing to find a more stable economy in the region; Notably thanks to the trade of the excellent Lavian Brandy, a luxury commodity.

Our operations will begin next week for Alliance members not participating in future alien searches in the Cone Sector. Here, we will cooperate on-site with Cannon Interstellar, Wing Atlantis, Fuel Rats and other « Science » groups. An official bulletin appeared today on the Canonn site.

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