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New Update for Remlok-Industries.fr!

Remlok-Industries.fr gets a makeover! Find out about the changes and improvements brought to the website.
In preparation for the new era for Elite: Dangerous, RI is beefind up its presence on the ED scene.

Lave Radio Network & Lave System

Lave Radio Network broke a treaty with the Alliance of Independents Systems and took control of the Alliance system: Lave.
Support Lave Jet Family and Lave Fortune Organization, reject the propaganda!

Remlok Industries minor faction

Discover the history and characteristics of our minor faction: Remlok Industries!
Join the corporation, for the Alliance and our allies.

Remlok Industries is hiring!

We want to create the best content possible for the Elite: Dangerous community.
Join the crew and depart for an adventure!

Welcome to Remlok Industries

Welcome to Remlok Industries! Please read our introduction article before exploring the website.