While the beta Update 2.3 Commanders is about to be released, the implementation of our Minor faction Remlok Industries is also getting closer!

Discover our history, faction details as well as our functioning and diplomacy. The group is now open to recruitment on Discord.

There are 8 other chapters in French:


Remlok Industries is based on the Bragurom Du system, and soon on Tellus. The high-technology station, established in the system since 3300, produces very high quality materials and modules as well as Remlok components, in cooperation with Tellus Group. The corporation aims to establish a strong market to strengthen our equipment’s brand: Remlok. You are welcome on Bragurom Du and Tellus, please follow the local rules.

Narrated by Nicou Zeitmen, CEO Remlok Industries

We are an industrial group developing high technologies for the galactic community. Affiliated mainly to the Alliance and its Prime Minister Edmund Mahon, our Remlok industry also accepts the independents and supporters of Li Yong-Rui.

The dashboard and our discussions all take place on Discord which is mandatory, whatever the platform you’re playing on (Xbox One or Desktop). Introduce yourself to receive your membership, then go to the new RemlokEmbassy channel to send us your application.

Our missions are diverse and varied, so we can better manage our minor faction Remlok Industries and help our allies.

Remlok Industries mainly remains PvE and roleplay in its progression.

Events are regularly organized in order to keep the active community interested in developing our faction.


Details and functionning


  • Minor faction’s name: Remlok Industries
  • Affiliation: Alliance
  • Powerplay: Edmund Mahon, Li Yong-Rui and Independents
  • Government: Corporation
  • Systems: Bragurom Du, Tellus (when implemented)
  • Playstyles: PvE, RP, Mentoring, Roleplay, slightly PvP
  • Game modes: Private Group PC « Nicou » or Xbox One « Barome », however the Open World is strongly encouraged
  • Organisation: Discussions on Discord and missions with objectives
  • Forums
  • Inara

If you already belong to another group of players, you will need your group’s permission to join Remlok Industries.
/! Piracy, illegal actions or the imperial slaves & slaves trading are not allowed.

For more simplicity, have a peek at what we’re doing:

  • Remlok Industries currently aims to establish itself in two systems. This may change in the future, depending on the evolution of our history.
  • Our group owns a « Corporation » government; We are an independent company incorporated into the Alliance superpower.
  • Our missions take a variety of forms, but the goal is the same: to protect the interests of Remlok Industries, our allies and the Alliance.
  • Quotas have to be filled in order to complete the missions, the members have to report on their progress in our dedicated channel.
  • These missions include: Bounty Hunting, Faction Missions, Trading, Exploration, Transport, and Assassination.
  • Some missions and roleplay events will help in the progression of our history. The latter will be prepared in advance, so our members can participate in it.



Remlok Industries generally partners with Alliance, Sirius Corporation or Independent groups.

  • You can join us if you are Independent, but it is advised to be affiliated to Edmund Mahon :DiscordEmojiAllianceflat: or to Li Yong-Rui :LiYongRui:.
  • Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps [AEDC] :DiscordEmojiAEDC: are our allies.
  • Alliance Office of Statistics [AOS] :DiscordEmojiAOS: are our allies.
  • The Allies [Aid] :DiscordEmojiAID: are our allies.
  • The Sirius Gov. and the Alliance of Independents Systems are respecting the IMBA, the Inter-faction Mutual Benefit Agreement, for cooperation and peace.
  • We respect the Old World Open Trade Agreement, in order to protect haulers and traders around the Lave cluster.
  • We are in neutral terms with the independents governments, and the Empire powers :DiscordEmojiEmpireflat: as long as they don’t attack us.
  • Some tensions with the Federation :DiscordEmojiFederationflat: , retaliate only in the event of an attack.


How to join our Minor faction

To join us, speak friend, and enter… oops, wrong universe!
The RemlokBoard and our internal discussions are all on Discord. The latter is mandatory, whatever platform you’re playing on (Xbox One or Desktop). Introduce yourself to receive your membership, then go to the RemlokEmbassy channel to send us your application.

What should I bring to apply on Discord?

  • Your CMDR name
  • Your affiliation to one of the authorised powers
  • Your preferred type of gameplay
  • Your gaming platform
  • A recent screenshot of your power board, so we can check who you’re affiliated with
  • A quick introduction, roleplay or not



My story starts in 3276, but let’s start from the beginning.

After more than a millennium of conflicts between two great human powers, citizens stood up and rebelled against the government in order to create the Alliance of Independent Systems. In 3230, it was the advent of the Alioth system. They do not conform to the political ideals of the totalitarian Empire and the authoritarian Federation; the Alliance present themselves as the Vanguards power of human rights, multiculturalism and democracy.

At the same time, the Silver Amalgamated Aerodynamics group is created by Meredith Silver and Mic Turner. They clearly announce their position for the new power of the Alliance, and become their main shipbuilder. The shipyard is well known, its name is New Rossyth. This is where my parents, Marc Zeitmen and Marie d’Hacheville worked; Both were engineers on this famous brand new site. Indeed, this shipyard was the most advanced of all and had the latest technologies recently developed. Their motto: produce the best ships ever created!

It was here in 3231 that the young and very talented Li Yong-Rui, recently graduated with a doctorate in physics, politics and economics, took part in New Rossyth’s projects with my parents. They quickly became friends by working daily on innovative concepts. Their three Engineers brains, working in unison, helped a lot building the shipyard’s reputation, and they greatly contributed to its success. The economy became more important as nearby resources were drained, and plans were made to push the high-tech station even higher. Li, who was also involved in the development of Sirius Corporation, was offered a new role in 3222: Vice President of Economic Forecasting. Obviously, he accepted Sirius Corp’s offer at the age of 35, and continued to develop his politics skills.

In 3236, thanks to the previous development plans, the system of Alioth finally stabilised economically and they terraformed several planets of the neighboring systems to increase their incomes. The New Rossyth shipyard also reached its highest production peaks and became the most popular and efficient one of the galaxy. New vessels and concepts emerged very regularly from this huge research and development site.

But war always prowled in the human civilisation, and in 3247 gigantic conflicts erupted between the Federation and the Empire, during the Delta Pavonis incident. Hundreds and hundreds of lives were lost in both superpowers: the Federation made a power show off, in a new attempt to rally the Empire; But the latter did not appreciate the military presence, and they heavily retaliated. It is one of the greatest military disasters known. New Rossyth, preferring not to feed the war, turned to the development of tools that could strengthen the survival of pilots. Marc and Marie were then promoted at the head of this new promising initiative, and began to develop two projects that will revolutionise the world of pilots: the Multitools box MkI and the Pilot’s Suit MkI. These inventions rapidly became the standard for piloting using state-of-the-art materials and modules.

The project was a great success but New Rossyth had to continue the development of its shipyard. Discussions were then put in place in 3248 for the development of a new modern drive technology. Thanks to the economic support of their friend Li, and Sirius Corporation, the scientists and engineers of the high-tech station developed the Class 4 Military Drive. The first prototype was born in 3250 and was so powerful that it could only be installed in ships of Python size or larger! From that date on, I find it hard to trace the history of my family. I read some things about a secret group, INRA put pressure on New Rossyth, mysterious conflicts and even, some texts about the Thargoid alien race.

3257, this is the year of my birth! It was also in that year that a radio anomaly was detected around the Liazeda system. An Alliance research vessel was sent to investigate, unfortunately, the latter disappeared tragically without a trace. Only a few crew members and two support vessels, deploying probes around the anomaly, came back alive. In spite of this strange event, my life was peaceful and similar to the other children of my age: Spaceboard slides, imaginary discussions with meta-whales, inventions of major projects supported by my parents (such as the mashed potato reinforcement, or the incredible phone call to an unknown person… wait, who is it? Antiona Madison, president of the Federation? Oops…).

But in 3269, everything changed. I remember a name… a Dynasty project? A case with probes, a very long journey. Marc and Marie consoled me for a long time. Then, holding back their tears, explained to a 12-year-old that they had to leave, but that they would obviously return very quickly. It was a historical moment, something bigger than humanity itself and they could not proceed otherwise. They left me, abandoned in our apartment in New Rossyth; under the care and responsibility of their friend Li, now director of Sirius Corp. The latter reassured me, then taught me the best of his acquaintances as I grew up. Mechanics, physics, economics, management, diplomacy… I quickly became an expert in the matter, just as my parents had been before me.

In 3270, I discovered the message that was going to change my life. When I was 13 years old, having fun in Li’s office, I opened a message called « Loss, Marc and Marie – 30/09/3270 ». Curious, I dared a shy « Reading? »:

  • Marie dont’ speak so loud! You know very well that these guys are suspicious!
  • It’s been two months since we left and we have less and less the right to express ourselves! Launching these probes in EVA scares me, and you also felt how they turned our suits off?! The one from yesterday issued a code, you understood it just like I did!
  • Please, stay calm; we’ll be back soon. I am sure of it. The message was clear yes, they are looking for…
  • Oh no! Aaaah, Marc we need to open that door! Quick, help me!!
  • Shit! … It’s stuck! 3… 2… Marie!! 1………
  • FUUUUUUUUuuuuiuishshhshhh… ENERGY RESTOR… ».

Terrorised, I escaped the room, voiceless and in tears. My parents had been murdered, I was sure of it. All this seemed too shady, and this mission carrying a weird technology, had left me with a taste of betrayal, and the cries of my suffocating parents, stuck in this airlock. They were surely dead due to the lack of oxygen. Of course, the young director of Sirius Gov was made aware of my discovery, and he quickly tried to reassure me and promised to investigate on this tragic disappearance.

Over the years, I have continually improved my skills, especially in terms of survival. Walking in the footsteps of my parents, I opened my own business at the age of 18, in 3276, with the help of Li Yong-Rui. Remlok Industries is my pride. But getting my parents’ licenses had been a harsh process. After many years of development, prototyping and marketing, Remlok flagship products were once again the standard of Galaxy pilots. The Remlok Multitools box and the Remlok Pilot’s Suit were widely used. However, the invention that made our actions grown even higher was the Remlok O² Mask. All my expertise resided in these products. Inspired by the mysterious death of my parents, I made sure that in the event of immediate danger, pilots and staff in danger could survive as long as possible in the dangerous space.

From 3300, Remlok products were used by all ship pilots. We could now venture into deep space thanks the new Hyperspace Frame Shift Drive technology. My ghosts still haunted me, I could not erase those terrible memories of my childhood. As our Prime Minister, Edmund Mahon, says: « Understanding. Cooperation. These must be our watchwords. We have to go beyond party politics and petty point scoring. Only by working together can we hope to avoid bloodshed. ».

While 3302 represents for me the year of preparation and research, especially around the Meta-Drive company developed by Sirius Corporation, I now see 3303 as a renewal in terms of new technologies. Remlok Industries now recruits brilliant mechanics, engineers, pilots, economists, and diplomats to face the future together, hand in hand.

Independent pilots, affiliated with Edmund Mahon or with Li Yong-Rui: you are welcome to develop our future, your future.