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Boite à Outils Communauté & Outils Vaisseaux Exploration Commerce & Minage Sciences  
The Mining Guide – Elite: Dangerous (2021)

Check out our Complete Mining Guide and learn the ropes to become the best miner out there!
Metals, minerals, chemicals, materials… feel no fear, and embrace the asteroids fields.

Elite: Dangerous Game Balancing – Mining

Frontier Developments seems to be open to a number of rebalancings for Elite: Dangerous in the coming weeks and months.
Starting with Mining, then Combat, many careers will be reviewed to rebalance the Credits gains.

Beyond Chapter 4 – Mining 2.0

Learn more about the upcoming changes proposed in Chapter 4 Beyond, about Mining!
Miners, rejoice: your career has a bright future, with fun, great enhancements and overhaul.