The Elite: Dangerous community is full of talented content creators, some of which express their desire to support players by building various projects.
Below, you will find a list of the most known & useful Elite: Dangerous tiers websites.
Most of these projects are available in our Toolbox, top corner right of our menu.



Outils FR

EDSM, DSN, RI, GalnetNews, EDBoard

Many French speaking content creators work hard every day to provide content & improve your gaming experience on Elite: Dangerous.
News via articles or videos, role-playing, complete guides, tools and events for your gaming pleasure.

  • EDSM Administrated by Anthor, the well known cartography website allow its users to get a lot of information about the game’s many systems. It is also possible to open the Galaxy Map and enable dozens of Filters to discover hundreds of excellent Points of Interest to visit. The website is also known for its Expeditions, allowing the explorers to join the tours prepared by other veterans explorers. Visit Elite Dangerous Star map to discover more features.
  • DSN Kickstarted by a group of Explorers: Deep Space Network is supported by many other pilots and it promotes exchanges between players of Elite: Dangerous, notably via their Discord, proposes community activities around exploration and facilitates the learning of the Explorer career, by the exchange of information between Players. Recently, the Deep Space Support Array created by the Fleetcom has been deployed to support the explorers with multiple Fleet Carriers strategically located in the galaxy. Kazahnn Drahnn, Alistair Hope and Nozdus are the main Administrators.
  • Remlok Industries Developed by Nykrae and led by Nicou, allowing you to follow the Game’s News, the Stories and to improve your skills thanks to our Complete Guides. We also propose Livestreams in French: Let’s Play and localization of the official announcements. A English/French speaking Discord is also available for the community.
  • Galnet News Launched by the French speaking community (Mainly Aymerix and Biobob), you can find every Galnet news (the official roleplay stories) classified by categories as well as a Timeline of the game.
  • EDBoard Created by Biobob, the website proposes many tools to support your progression with the Engineers, in Exploration and Bounty Hunting. It is possible to link your game account in order to get your information directly onto EDBoard.
  • More projects such as the forums, the technical pages of, the dubbed news of Galnet Audio FR , the BGS tools of EDTFM and more.


Many features adorn these fan-sites, take the time to discover them!
Each of these websites can help you better appreciate your gaming experience with Elite: Dangerous.

Deep Space Network
Remlok Industries
Galnet News


You can support these websites by sharing their creations and / or by donating a few credits to help pay for the maintenance costs.
All of this work takes a great deal of time but also money. In short: we pay to offer you content.

Thank you for your support, we are all looking forward to discovering the future Odyssey expansion with you!

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The Inara tool, administrated by Artie, is essential and allows you to gather a lot of information.



The Search button is very powerful and allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. For example, the best place to buy Tritium at the lowest price.

The first tab News, top corner right, displays not only the official Galnet news of Elite: Dangerous but also the many stories created by the community. There are hundreds of stories that you can read for your Roleplay fun.
Then, the Galaxy tab opens a new menu on the left that we will explore together. Note that a new set of sub-menus appeared top corner right, under the main menu.

  • Overwiew: An… overview of the many features!;
  • Bulletin board: Crimes, Squadrons, traffic…;
  • Thargoid war: The conficts against the Thargoids, the places where these conflicts are happening and the damaged stations;
  • Community goals: The CGs, when they’re in-game;
  • Commodities: A list of every commodities common & rare, with their average prices and the Materials to mod your ships;
  • Shipyard: The ships and their main characteristics & costs;
  • Outfitting: Every modules (Hardpoints, Primary, Secondary, Utility…) as well as the special modules you can unlock thanks to the Technology Brokers. Note that there is a small star which can be activated in order to memorize the modules you’ve already unlocked;
  • Engineering: Every Engineers, their specializations and the grades at which they can enhance your modules, as well as their locations. Note the octagons at the top right of the portraits indicating which accesses you have unlocked (level 5 being the max).

Engineers & Mods

EngineersRI Guide to the Engineers

Symbols ▼/+ between the portraits indicate the prerequisites needed to establish the first contact with the Engineers. For more information, you can click on their portraits to get a description of the Engineers and the prerequisites to work with her or him.

It is also possible to create a list of materials/blueprints depending on the modules you want to unlock (add blueprint to crafting lists) or to get more Synthesis (add synthesis to crafting lists).
By the way if you want to enhance a module, get the right amount of materials for it: 1x Grade 1 (G1), 2x G2, 2x G3, 4x G4 and depending on your luck between 6x and 10x G5.

You can keep your inventory up to date on Inara thanks to EDMC (more details below). It’s really helpful if you want to know exactly how much of each materials you own before you pay a visit to an Engineer.

Background Simulation & Powerplay & Squadrons

Background Simulation & Powerplay & Squadrons

  • Powers: The Powers and their details
  • Inara Nexus and minor faction: Every Minor Factions, their States, Governments, Populations, Allegiances, Economies, …
  • Systems and stations: Every Systems and Stations in the galaxy, their location, Fleet Carriers, Megaships and more.

The sub-menu « Nearest » is a great way to look for stations, allegiances and other services near you.

There is also a powerful Squadron Management tool.

Discussions Forums, a Gallery and a Discord are also available.

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EDDB, managed by Themroc and Garud, is a simple and very powerful tool mainly used to find the best Trading routes; but you can also use it to find a given module, stations, factions, stellar bodies depending on your criteria.

EDDB proposes multiple categories to quickly find the item of your dream in the database.

  • Systems: Find a system defined by your criteria, for example with a given State to farm your Materials;
  • Stations: Do you need a Powerplant Class 8 Rank A and you can’t find it? EDDB will find it for you;
  • Factions: Find a faction that answers to your criteria;
  • Commodities: To know where to buy and sell a commodity;
  • Stellar Bodies: Find your Stellar bodies depending on your criteria;
  • Diverse trading routes in Single-Hop, Multi-Hop, Loop.

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Coriolis / EDSY

Coriolis and EDSY are two websites dedicated to theorycrafting.
Select a ship and then test the different modules and mods / experimental effects before building it in-game.
If the build pleases you, you can now note and farm the Materials thanks to the list the website is giving you.

► Coriolis, administrated by Willy and a few others, is very simple to use and allow the users to get an overview of the ships builds in a few clicks. Coriolis has an integrated link shortener to easily share your builds.

► EDSY, administrated by Taleden, is to be used with double clicks on the selected modules. Its statistics are more precise than Coriolis but the interface is less easy to read and the design is getting a bit old.

Here are two test builds for you to compare the websites: Chieftain Coriolis VS Chieftain EDSY

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EDMC / EDDiscovery / EDDI

EDMC, EDDiscovery and EDDI are thee tools that read the players logs and the game allowing you to update EDDN, the Elite Dangerous Data Network. The latter then distributes the data between the the other tools like Inara, EDDB, EDSM, etc…

Just download, install and configure them. After which, you just have to launch them during your game sessions and the data will be automatically recovered then shared on the network. Don’t worry, no personal information are shared. You can also choose to hide some of your information on the sites in order to hide your Credits, Ships & Equipment, Location, etc …

EDMC, administrated by Athanasius, is the simpler to use and to configure in a few minutes. Once launched, click on « File », then « Setting » and enter the required information. Minimalist and almost invisible, an easy way to share the data with the community. You can also get your exact ship build by clicking on the name of your ship, which will be sent to Coriolis or EDSY according to your preferences. Similarly, a click on the system’s or station’s names will take you to EDSM, EDDB or Inara. Various plugins allow you to get more information.

EDDiscovery, administrated by Robby, is designed for players who want more information at their fingertips. You will quickly see your inventory, Materials, items, missions listing, your exploration plans and even a 3D map of the galaxy. It can also be linked to EDSM, Inara, EDDB, Coriolis and EDSY via EDDN. Often used for the Engineers and the Materials lists. EDD is the heaviest (in feature and machine’s resources required) of the three and is fully customizable – Video install.

EDDI, administrated by VerticalBlank, Hoodathunk and T’kael, is mainly a voice response tool to your data logs. Excellent if you love immersion but rather log to set up. It can be very talkative if misconfigured. You can install it on its own or directly as a plugin for Voice AttackVideo install.

To link these tools to the websites, you will need to get your API keys.
Never share your API keys, they are personal!

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EDTools, developed by VicTic, is a concentrate of very useful tools to quickly find the destinations & objects sought.
Use the menu top, corner right, to navigate between the different tools.

  • Best mining and selling places for the Painite, Diamonds, Void Opals and other minerals – Mining Guide;
  • A list of every Rare Commodities – Trading Guide;
  • The Resource Extraction Sites are great for Bounty Hunting – Combat Guide;
  • To calculate the distance between two systems;
  • To get the best exploration route from a designated system, for profit – Exploration Guide.

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Cannon, Thargoids Links

Essential to all Thargoids scientists, with our Thargoids Science Guide.
The « Jubjubnest » Cannon Tool allows you to quickly calculate the final step from the Thargoids Links.

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EDBearing is essential if you want to quickly find coordinates on the planets surface.
Enter your current latitude & longitude and the destination latitude & longitude… then follow the guide!

The website also has a lot of preset destinations to easily find the main points of interests.
Thank you to Vincent Rouleau for this tool!

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WaveScanner / ObjectScanner

Coupled with our guides Materials Farming on the Surface and the Exploration Guide – Analysis, these tools will allow you to get your ear used to the different sounds that can be anayzed in-game, be it via the SRV’s wavescanner or the ships’ Full System Scanner.

WaveScanner highlights the sounds of the different deposits found on the surface.

ObjectScanner highlights the sounds of the different stellar bodies in space.

Thank you to Shellstrom for these tools.

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The Fuel Rats & Sagittarius Eye

A bit out of context, but I wanted to share these two community projects developed by passionate players of Elite: Dangerous.

The Fuel Rats is a collective of volunteers ready to do anything to save pilots in distress of fuel, wherever you are in the galaxy.

Sagittarius Eye is now a quarterly magazine focused on Elite: Dangerous. The quality is incredible and the content fascinating! Read the Issue #27.

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