Hello and welcome to Remlok Industries Beta!

Here we are, the website is released and I can’t wait to meet with you on this Elite: Dangerous project; don’t forget to bookmark it. Follow us on RemlokEN and never miss a thing on the game’s universe!


Let’s start with the beginning, I am Nicou! Ok, that’s something. My passion for writing and communities started back fifteen years ago, when I was lurking in the Barrens’ desert. Back in time, I was roleplaying as a Tauren postman, delivering Lore news around the Crossroads and helping the new Horde players in the area. Ever since, I’ve always created communities in order to rally people under one banner, providing them with guides, information, and a source of fun.

These last five years, I had the opportunity to push even further this passion by creating Game-Guide.fr; a news & guides website on which I’ve actively managed the community, while creating content on many games, especially Elite: Dangerous during the past two years. Since the game has been released, I wrote among 200 articles in French and these surely guided the daily gameplay of numerous French players. Elite is an huge and immersive game, there are so many things to do in the galaxy. The Lore is interesting and deep, the continuous development and the fact that Frontier Developments put their community above all ensure a strong future for the community. Thanks to my experience and skills, I’m very determined about launching Remlok Industries in English and French today, in order to cover the news and provide you with the best content I can create on Elite: Dangerous.

The menu’s content will grow every week:

  • News
  • The Outpost, weekly summary (on Saturday)
  • Guides son multiple facets of the game
  • Focus, 100 dedicated to one topic
  • Tools developed with our partners to enhance your Elite experience
  • Twitch Live – Mainly in French so far


Why did I use Remlok Industries? Well, I love Elite’s Lore. The latter is so deep that the greatest shipyards in the galaxy have names: Lakon, Core Dynamics, Zorgon Peterson, Gutamaya, Faulcon DeLacy to only quote some of them. However, there are also many companies out there established in different domains: Achilles, Caine-Massey, Brewer Corp, Manticore, Ross Projectiles, or even… Remlok !

Remlok is the main provider of outfitting for pilots: Multi-tool box that we can see in some ships, the Pilot FlightSuit, but mostly the mandatory oxygen mask in case of a depressurized cockpit. Our website is a sort of Survival tool that allows pilots to better understand the world of Elite: Dangerous.


I invite you to regularly check our website to discover new articles! Feel free to comment them thanks to our Disqus system. An unique account on Disqus is required; you will then be able to comment on every website using it. This system is becoming more widespread.

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Any feedback? Please let us know in the comment, so we can better improve Remlok Industries!

→ The articles in English will be popping regularly on the website while I first translate the French ones before creating original content.



Known Issues

Remlok Industries has just launched in Beta. If you were to encounter an issue with our website, please report it via our Contact form or the Discord #feedbacksite. The issues displayed here are known, and we are working on a fix. Thanks for your understanding.

Known issues:

  • The website isn’t ready on mobile : the menu is not user-friendly, quick access in progress, sharing on social networks, Author and sidebar.
  • The carousel needs optimization.
  • We need a white background for our pages.
  • Other minor issues

Quality is our main priority. Despite our limited time, Remlok-Industries will continuously be developed in order to provide the community with a powerful and complete website! We really appreciate your understanding and support on this gigantic project.