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The Engineers Materials List – Elite: Dangerous

Simplify your life with our detailed list of Materials requested by the Engineers.
Your adventures on the surface and in space begin!

The Engineers Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Beginners and Veterans, discover our complete Guide of the Engineers in Elite: Dangerous.
Learn to enhance your first module or optimize your knowledge of the Engineers and the Materials!

Increase your FSD ships jump range – Elite: Dangerous

Jumping fast and far, the dream of all pilots to reach their destination as quickly as possible!
Learn how to prepare your ship to increase its jump range.

Unlocking the Technologies from the Tech Brokers

Unlock powerful technologies with the Tech Brokers: new weapons & unique modules!
These hybrid technologies Human-Guardian-Thargoids are worth your time.

The Surface Mining Guide

Mining in space, we know how to do… but do you know how to mine on the surface and use your Wavescanner?
Go on an adventure with you SRV and harvest your elements!