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Mise à Jour 17 Juin 2020 – Fleet Carriers Update 1

The Fleet Carrier Patch Update 1 should be online by 10:30 UTC.
Among others enhancements: stability fixes, nerf of the LTDiamond mining, background simulation and Powerplay.

Update 9 June 2020 – Fleet Carriers

The Fleet Carriers Update is available this June 9, 2020 in Elite: Dangerous!
Buy your FC and get ready for new adventures.

BETA – Patch 2 – Fleet Carrier

After the huge amount of feedback from the players regarding the Beta Fleet Carriers – Elite: Dangerous, Frontier are making some changes requested by the community.

BETA – Update June 2020 – Fleet Carrier

The Fleet Carrier Update will be available in June 2020!
In the meantime, the PC beta is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7.

Update – April 2019

Check out the first details of the April 2019 Update for Elite: Dangerous.
Improvements, bug fixes, new players support and more!

Update – Background Simulation, March 1

Background Simulation update, March 2019
A recap of the recent changes and additions proposed for the BGS

Update 3.3.02

Release Notes 3.3.02 will bring fixes to the game.
The servers will be offline from 09:45 to 10:45~ UTC, January 17, 2019.

Update 3.3

Elite: Dangerous, Beta 3.3: Chapter 4 Beyond.
Exploration, Cartography, Lights & Colours, Codex, enhancement UI, BGS, Scenarios and more!

Details, Content and Livestream Chapter 4 Beyond

Check out the Elite: Dangerous Beyond Chapter 4 preparation plans, beta on October 30th!
Contents, Livestreams, Trailer and details not to be missed.

Update 3.2

Frontier Developments presents the next Update coming this August 28: Chapter 3 Beyond!
New stories, Guardians tech, new ships, hybrid Guardians/Humans fighters and more crispy additions!