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Boite à Outils Communauté & Outils Vaisseaux Exploration Commerce & Minage Sciences  
The Ghost Ship – The Adamastor

Discover the fate of Professor Penelope Carver’s team and the mega-ship: the Adamastor.
A perfect story to immerse yourself in the darkness of Halloween!

The Gnosis Event & Cone Sector

The scientific vessel Gnosis was to jump to the Cone area, where many Thargoids were detected.
However it has never been said that the Gnosis would arrive safely in the Cone Sector… Science Time!

Lave Radio Network & Lave System

Lave Radio Network broke a treaty with the Alliance of Independents Systems and took control of the Alliance system: Lave.
Support Lave Jet Family and Lave Fortune Organization, reject the propaganda!

First Details about Chapter 3 Beyond

Check out the very first details about Elite: Dangerous Beyond Chapter 3, shared during the Frontier Meet in Cologne for the gamescom.

Lavecon 2018 – News Recap

A short summary of the main information shared during Lavecon 2018.
Mining & Exploration changes, new weapons, technologies and more!

Frontier Expo 2017 – Elite: Dangerous

Sneak peek about the future of Elite: Dangerous in 3304: Beyond.
The Frontier Expo 2017 revealed some bits of content.

Science and Thargoids – 2.4 The Return

Everything you need to know about 2.4 and the Return of Thargoids is in there.
Non-human signals, ships’ marks, drones and mysterious messages!

Lavecon 2017 – Sum-up, future of Elite

A short summary of the main information shared during Lavecon 2017.
Some new weapons, modules, features to come in 2.4.

Salomé’s Event – Aftermath

Recap of Salomé’s event, this 29th of April 3303.
Finally some light on the current stories in-game!

The Great Remlok Expedition

Greetings commanders! Are you an adventurer?
You might want to take part in our expedition, and discover the unexpected. It is not the stars we conquer but ourselves.