The Outpost #122: Your Elite: Dangerous news recap!
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I’m creating a few articles, but it will take some time:

  • Elite, Federation, Empire, Alliance Lore – January
  • Update of our guides – End of January
  • Highlight of a great ED tool of disabled players: EDTaupeEye – End of January
  • How to prepare for Odyssey – February

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Frontier News

Join a Players Group

We have created a new category Odyssey in the News menu, so you don’t miss any of the information for the next expansion.

With the release of Odyssey on PC before May 31 2021, and on consoles before November 31 2021, it’s time to join a players group!

Pour les nouveaux commandants :


While Elite Dangerous is perfectly playable solo, the space is often empty and the gameplay will be repetitive very quickly.

With a group of players you will be able to take part in activities you wouldn’t have thought of: SRV races, squadron scenarios, wing combats, fun discussions during your hauling sessions and the joy of discussing common hobbies with other players too. It really is a new window on the game, and its secret of longevity.

For now we don’t have any group to present for the English speaking community, feel free to contact me on Discord or via the Contact button!
At the moment, visit Inara to find other players groups!

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Developers & Community

Read our article EVERYTHING about Odyssey.

A dedicated space about Devs’ messages from the forums and social Medias.

~ Recent communications ~

  • [Odyssey]  We’re back with a brand new selection of answers from developer Gareth Hughes to your Elite Dangerous: Odyssey questions. – SourceCommunity Team

Q: Will night vision, or a light be available on the HUD?
You will be able to upgrade suits in many ways, night vision and lights are just two of the upgrades available. More on this in the future. All suits have a torch by default though so you’ll always have some way to see.

Q: Does the player’s radar show players and NPC’s before combat? If so, do they change to indicate relationship?
Yes, much like in space the RADAR displays information regarding players around them and their current state.

Q: Will the HUD be customisable? (I.e. different colours for the visually impaired)
The interface won’t be customisable for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey though we will of course be taking feedback on board regarding accessibility.

Q: Can players turn parts, or all of their HUD off?
No, the HUD whilst on foot, will be as essential to getting around as it is in space.

Q: Can we hide from other player’s radar?
We are still in the process of reviewing how PVP and the HUD will work so we can’t confirm an answer on that just yet.

Q: Will we be able to use NPCs as a team in Combat? Or just other players?
Combat zones will be a mix of both computer AI characters and players on both sides.

Q. Do on foot NPCs spawn per instance or is there some sort of permanence, if so is it timed like space POIs or permanent?
Settlement AI is spawned based on the settlement theme and state. Star system factors will also affect the AI difficulty, so the BGS can also have an effect.

Q. Does oxygen level impact combat ability and does this apply to NPCs as well?
If your suit loses power, its life support will shut down causing the suits emergency air supply to be used. If the emergency air is fully depleted then you will start to asphyxiate, making aiming and locomotion more difficult. Loss of suit power will also stop you from using your assisted jump and your audio will change, lowering awareness of what is happening around you. This does not affect AI as they will use consumable batteries to recharge their suit when required.

Q. How does energy level impact combat ability, is it just about your shield generator and do NPCs have the same energy constraint too?
Energy levels are critical to combat as this powers your shields. This supply is not infinite so know when and where to activate your shields will be key.

Q. Can NPCs get into NPC vehicles or ships for combat or are those treated separately?
On-foot NPCs do not get into vehicles. They can deploy from dropships.

Q. Do on foot NPCs chase you?
Yes, if given reason NPC’s will pursue you!

Q. Is combat AI scripted for the new settlements or is the AI clever enough to adapt itself to open terrain or other obstacles?
AI will actively investigate areas, report findings, use cover and communicate to call reinforcements.

Q. Any information on the scope of line of sight for the AI?
AI line of sight will be governed the same way the player’s is.

Q: Will NPC’s engage in combat without player input?
If you are wanted – NPC may engage you without provocation.

Q: Will NPC’s have different states depending on the time of combat (i.e. Will they be asleep if a player attacks at night)?
NPCs won’t have time of day states, so they’ll be ready to fight back no matter what time of day.

Q. Will we see ground combat between NPC factions like we do in Conflict Zones?
Yes, conflict zones will be a mix of AI and players.

Q. Will you consider adding Superpower navy armours for ground combat (i.e. NPCs wearing imperial/federal uniforms/armour, or such armour being available to players)? It could prove to be a very potent world-building tool.
We are always looking at what customisation option players would like to see in game.

Q: Will there also be some kind of on-foot System Authorities?
Yes – OMNIPOL – they are often kitted out with the best gear, so if they turn up make sure it’s not for you!

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Lore & Powerplay

Powerplay, continues to operate in game and the powers compete on a variety of military, economic and political fronts to gain new territory and expand their influence on the human world.

  1. Arissa Lavigny-Duval =
  2. Zachary Hudson =
  3. Edmund Mahon =
  4. Aisling Duval +1
  5. Felicia Winters +1
  6. Pranav Antal +3
  7. Denton Patreus -4
  8. Li Yong-Rui -1
  9. Yuri Grom =
  10. Archon Delaine =
  11. Zemina Torval =



Cycle 294. We begin cycle 295.

The Powers on Reddit

Check out the Powers on Reddit, take part in the strategies and help your Power reach #1!


Edmund Mahon


Felicia Winters // Zachary Hudson


Arissa Lavigny-Duval // Aisling Duval // Zemina Torval // Denton Patreus


Archon Delaine // Li Yong-Rui // Pranav Antal


Witch Head Nebula‘s systems are now safe as all Thargoids were repelled from the region. Players are now repairing the last three stations recently attacked: Wellington, Haki and Lembass.
California and Coalsack are doing well. proposes the latest news from the galaxy!

  • – Galnet News
  • GalnetAudioFR – Dubbed Galnet, in French. Let me know if you would like to do this in English! Here are the examples in French.


The most important news:

18 January 3307 – Utopia’s ability to host a diplomatic conference for all three superpowers has been challenged by the Sirius Corporation.

The megacorp’s counter-proposal was announced by CEO Li Yong-Rui:

“With all due respect to Simguru Antal, his commune cannot match our level of resources. Sirius is far better placed in terms of logistics and security, and our navy will be able to ensure the safe transportation of all delegates. Furthermore, we already have excellent commercial relationships with the Alliance, Empire and Federation, and can therefore guarantee neutrality. Our recent philanthropic gesture at creating the Marlinist Colonies proves that we are an impartial, stabilising force for the whole galaxy.”

Discussions regarding the conference have been ongoing in superpower and independent systems alike. Some leaders have decried it as a pointless exercise, while others view it as a rare opportunity for political cohesion.
Sirius Corporation and Utopia’s propositions for a Galactic Summit are now being compared by potential attendees. However, Zachary Rackham’s offer to host the conference at the actual galactic summit of Rackham’s Peak is not being seriously considered.

19 January 3307 – Edmund Mahon has launched a political campaign to be elected as the Alliance’s leader for a second term.

The incumbent prime minister is undertaking a whistle-stop tour across Alliance space to rouse support. Only members of the Assembly can cast votes in this election, but they will be heavily influenced by public opinion within their systems. Mahon’s campaign has focused on the Alliance’s huge expansion during his six-year premiership, with reminders of triumphs such as the Alliance Festival of Culture. His ability to handle a crisis has also been highlighted, including President Kincaid’s attempted coup and the League of Reparation’s crusade.

More recent examples of his leadership are welcoming Marlinist refugees from the Empire and exploiting the Coalsack Nebula to boost economic prosperity. However, Mahon’s critics have pointed out that both strategies increased the risk of attack from Neo-Marlinist terrorists and the Thargoids.
Addressing a packed conference hall on Birmingham in his home system of Diso, Mahon proclaimed:

“We live in an increasingly turbulent galaxy, making it important to maintain a steady hand at the wheel. I will be honoured to continue representing the diverse peoples of the Alliance.”

20 January 3307 – Former President Jasmina Halsey has arrived on Mars to stand as a witness in the upcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent.
Halsey was subpoenaed by the Federal High Court to testify before the jury. Although this was not legally enforceable, since she now lives beyond the Federation’s jurisdiction, she has acceded to the court’s request.

Jasmina Halsey served as Federal president prior to the destruction of Starship One in 3301, which Vincent is accused of arranging. She was recovered alive, but abandoned her political career and emigrated to the Alliance. She has since campaigned as a peace activist and acted as an adviser to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.
After greeting a large crowd of supporters at Olympus Village Spaceport, Halsey gave a statement to The Federal Times:

“This is a bittersweet moment for me. Coming back to the Federation feels like revisiting a past life. But perhaps we can finally lay some ghosts to rest.”

She was welcomed in person by Shadow President Felicia Winters, who was secretary of state in Halsey’s administration. However, President Zachary Hudson has made no comment regarding his predecessor’s return or the forthcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent.

22 January 3307 – Councillor Nakato Kaine is visiting key systems across the Alliance as part of her bid to be elected as the next prime minister.

Of all the challengers to the incumbent Edmund Mahon, Kaine has the most support from fellow council members. She has represented the Tionisla system for nearly a decade, and is renowned for delivering forceful speeches before the Assembly.
Kaine’s disapproval of the expansionist policies in recent years has struck a chord with people in many systems. She also has a strong reputation among the ‘Old Worlds’, which are viewed as the historic hub of the Alliance.

During a political rally on Leesti, Councillor Kaine directly criticised her election opponent:

“Prime Minister Mahon clearly thinks that the Alliance must mimic the Empire’s arrogance and the Federation’s corporate greed. He has repeatedly led us into conflict with the Thargoid race, risking millions of lives so we could raid their territories like thieves in the night. I believe that we should be inspired by the mutual cooperation that once made the Old Worlds thrive. We must invest in trade and security to benefit our member systems, instead of pretending to be a monolithic superpower.”

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Community Goals

◘ Support Sirius bid to host the galactic summit (Materials-Data)

  • Location: Goldstein Port | Lembava
  • Objective: Deliver Data: Anomalous Bulk Scan Data, Atypical Disrupted Wake Echoes, Exceptional Scrambled Emission Data and Unusual Encrypted Files
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress: 2/5
  • Until: January 28

◘ Support Utopias bid to host the galactic summit (Materials-Data)

  • Location: Tanner Settlement | Polevnic
  • Objective: Deliver Data (Materials): Anomalous Bulk Scan Data, Atypical Disrupted Wake Echoes, Exceptional Scrambled Emission Data and Unusual Encrypted Files
  • Rewards: Credits
  • Progress: 2/5
  • Until: January 28


Story: Rival initiatives to arrange a diplomatic conference have been launched by Sirius Corporation and the Utopia commune.

The Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress and Imperial Senate have each provisionally agreed to send delegates to the first tri-superpower Galactic Summit in late February. This political gathering will also be attended by representatives from independent systems.
All parties have specified that their participation depends upon the event being successfully organised in neutral territory, and with sufficient resources and security in place.

Sirius Corporation and Utopia have begun to gather supplies to host the conference. Both have requested assistance from the galactic community to provide a broad range of data, which will be vital for planning security operations. Whichever organisation obtains the greatest amount of data will be deemed most suitable.
The following data sources are of interest to both parties: anomalous bulk scan data, atypical disrupted wake echoes, exceptional scrambled emission data and unusual encrypted files.

Simguru Pranav Antal has called upon all pilots who support Utopia’s proposal to deliver the data to Tanner Settlement in the Polevnic system.
CEO Li Yong-Rui has asked all those who believe Sirius Corporation to be a more suitable host to deliver the data to Goldstein Port in the Lembava system.

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Images – At the heart of the action

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Excellent screenshots!

Òssa Major, for the 100,000 rescue of the Fuel Rats

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Videos – The Unmissables

Enjoy these videos from the community!

The Pilot is a rising star, he started posting videos last year!

How to PvP for beginners, from Yamiks

The Buur Pit assaulted a fortress!

MATTIUS and his excellent video on Thargoids: Theory – The Fourth Kind


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